The Power of Unique Copy

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When it comes to website development and design, anyone can source quality content from elsewhere and post it as their own. Which is, more often than not, precisely what most people do. From interesting articles to news stories to videos and images and so on, you need to ask yourself: how much of the content did you actually create yourself, all on your own?

If the answer you have is either very little or none at all, don’t be upset too much – you are far from in the minority. But at the same time, you can definitely do with turning this around, considering the way in which completely original copy is considerably more powerful than regurgitated and redistributed existing copy. 

Naturally, the former of the two is much more difficult to come up with – particularly if you are not exactly brimming with ideas and inspiration. Nonetheless, investing some effort into a small amount of unique copy can help deliver far more positive results when it comes to customer loyalty and engagement than sticking with content collation.

So, with this in mind, here is a short rundown of a few simple tips for creating unique copy from scratch, in order to provide your website something that will make it stand out and sing proudly:

First and foremost, maintaining a regular blog is one of the easiest ways of keeping your website continually topped up with fresh content. When it comes to actually going about blog posting, rather than just republishing news stories and articles, try to add your own thoughts and voice into the mix. Or in other words, feel free to bring relevant articles and stories to the attention of your readers, but do so in a more of an editorial manner.

Another great way of getting original copy to your website is to invite others to write on your behalf. Perhaps not the most crucial static content, but in terms of news articles, blog posts, informative resources and so on, adding some extra voices into the mix could be extremely helpful.

Telling stories is also one of the most effective ways of creating a sense of engagement with any given audience. Rather than just being bombarded with figures and facts, it could be more beneficial and useful to tell your audience a story. Who you are, what and why you do, what you believe in and so on. If possible, use also your website blog as an online journal. Given the fact that you’re 100%, this should also result in totally unique content.

Another fantastic way of producing unique content is to get into the habit of frequently writing and posting reviews. Rather than just rewriting the opinions and thoughts of others, carry out your own reviews and invite comments from your clients. Even if they don’t agree with you, it’s always guaranteed to nurture discussion and engagement.

Last up, if you can get into the habit of publishing Q&A sessions with relevant figures in your line of work, go for it! It is often as easy as firing off a few questions to somebody of interest or importance with respect to what you do, in order to receive the kind of solid gold content that can work wonders for your site.


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