Partner With Pivotal

Know someone needing some work done, Fancy earning something for nothing?

For any new clients passed to us whether personal or from a business that convert to a paying customer, there’s a reward to be claimed.

Our affiliate scheme entitles any hot leads that convert to a paying client to the following reward structure.

  • £200 flat payment if the client signs
  • 2% of their first year spend with Pivotal (Retained and project work)

An Example Affiliate payout:

If the client signs a project for £10,000 and signs a one year retainer for £1,000/month
As an affiliate you would get:
£200 Flat payment finders fee +
£200 Commission from project (2% of £10,000) +
£20/month for a year ( 1000 * 12 = £12000. 2% of £12000 = £240)
That’s a total of: £640 for passing the lead through to Pivotal.