One Size Fits All? With Web Hosting, Not Even Close!

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Take a look at some of the web hosting biggies doing business today and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the one-size-fits-all business model was alive and well. Alive it may be, but when it comes to securing a hosting package that’s actually beneficial for any given business, it can be nothing short of fatal.   One Size Fits All? With Web Hosting, Not Even Close!

Without reliable web hosting, a site is rendered redundant and so too by extension is the business as a whole.

One of the most popular and helpful ways of thinking about web hosting is as something of business owner looking for a space in which to do business. Think of it as a shopping mall or precinct owner looking to sell or rent available units to the actual businesses looking to open their doors.

Once you’ve entered into this way of thinking, you begin to understand why one size does not fit all…never has and never will. After all, it’s not like the new flagship store for Macy’s is going to do very well in a 140 square-foot rental unit, just as a new startup that might only be in business for six months doesn’t need a five-year contract on a 40,000 square-foot emporium.

Starting to get the idea?

It’s exactly the same case with websites – some are large, some are small, some are simple, some are complex and some don’t stay the same for more than three days at a time. You will never be able to do business effectively and efficiently if your premises are not suitable – it’s as simple as that.

Understanding this makes the concept of choosing a web hosting package so much easier as once you know what you need, you’re a hell of a lot more likely to find it!

So the actual server itself in terms of capacity and performance counts for a lot, but only represents half of the equation when seeking the perfect hosting. The rest lies in the capabilities of the service team that actually keeps the server running in the first place.

The difference between competing service teams on the market today is beyond night and day. At one end there are those that take your money, get your site running and then sit around doing little to nothing at all. On the other, there are those that make sure all that’s crucial to the running of your business is monitored around the clock and all problems are corrected before having chance to cause you a headache.

Of course, you’d be right to argue that the latter is superior, but on the other hand it’s often the case that something of a happy medium might be all you need – it all depends on the nature of your site and what it’s being run for.

If it all sounds like a bit of a complicated subject, that’s because it is. If hosting websites was simple, there would only be one type of hosting and one service package being offered the world over. In reality though, there are thousands of hosting companies offering infinite bespoke packages to cater to every imaginable need and demand – one-size-fits-all just doesn’t come into the equation.





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