New Web Marketing Statistic from March 2018

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Once again, we’ve decided to share around a roundup of some of our favourite facts and figures from the past couple of weeks. So sit back, relax and enjoy a generous dose of web marketing statistics you’ll hopefully find both interesting and insightful:

Marketers say 26% of their budget will be wasted in 2018
First up, research carried out by Rakuten found that marketers across the United States, Europe and Asia are expected to waste 26% of their marketing budgets this year on average. The waste being attributed to investing in inappropriate or ineffective strategies or channels. Interestingly, the study found that a growing number of marketers in the UK – 28% – are actively pursuing new marketing opportunities presented by virtual reality technology.

Online Video Views Driven by Mobile
The dominance of mobile media consumption continues its extraordinary acceleration on a global basis. According to the results of a new study carried out by Ooyala, an incredible 60% of all online video views worldwide are now attributed to mobile devices. The engagement with online videos via mobile devices remains highest in Europe, Africa and Middle Eastern regions at approximately 63.5%.

Snapchat Users Show Strong Ecommerce Preference
Criteo has published a report suggesting there’s a direct correlation between the social media platforms a consumer chooses and their willingness/likelihood to shop online via a mobile device. The most interesting finding of all being that Snapchat users are apparently 300% more likely to making ecommerce purchases than those who do not use the platform. In addition, one in three Snapchat users indicated that they would happily make purchases in excess of £100 via their mobile devices. A finding that could have something to do with the comparatively younger demographic Snapchat appeals to primarily.

Consumer Trust Is Dependent on Data Protection
Following a spate of high-profile data theft and hijacking issues at the hands of some of the world’s biggest companies, it’s clear that data protection is essential for building customer trust. A survey carried out by the MRS Delphi group in the UK discovered that when it comes to trusting businesses in general, data protection has become one of the most important factors of all. The survey also found that Amazon remains the most trusted brand among consumers in terms of online data protection, attributed to both its track record and general transparency.

Digital Ads Significantly Raise Brand Awareness
Last but not least, IAB UK carried out a study with the intention of gaining a clearer picture of the effectiveness of digital display advertising. By taking into account 675 campaigns and measuring effectiveness in terms of awareness, brand perception, education and sales intent, the group found that digital display advertising had consistent effectiveness across each of these metrics. Specifically, digital display advertising was found to drive purchase intent by 3%, improve education regarding the brand by 2%, positively shifting brand perceptions by 2% and raise awareness of the brand by an impressive 12%.





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