Magento Development

Magento development has become massively popular over the last few years, Magento provides you with every tool, functionality and opportunity to build a successful business, nothing is impossible with Magento.

Our decision to become certified Magento development agency was based on our collective desire to provide customers at all levels with the most comprehensive, capable and dynamic web design and development services available. Today, we specialise in the kinds of innovative, intuitive and fully responsive ecommerce websites that extract the very best from the Magento platform.

We know exactly what it takes to use Magento to its full potential – we’d love the opportunity to explore the possibilities for your business.

Experience and Expertise

 magento development

Since going into business, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses both at home and abroad, contributing to an extensive range of ambitious projects. What makes Pivotal different is the way in which we bring over 140 years’ combined experience and expertise to every job we take on. Regardless of the size, nature or extent of the project, you’re guaranteed 100% of our time, effort and commitment.

Our expert team has unrivalled experience with both Magento 1 and 2, providing clients with a comprehensive range of services to meet every need. We specialise in fully bespoke service packages, created in direct accordance with the requirements, expectations and budgets of each individual customer. We’ll stop at nothing to provide you with the kind of custom retail solution that doesn’t just get the job done, but instead impresses every customer across every device.

Working with tried, tested and trusted Magento extensions, we also guarantee complete peace of mind from start to finish.

What’s more, our experience with Magento development goes far beyond the basics and extends to the development of the most advanced plug-ins and functionality tweaks across the board. With our help, your site and your business will benefit from a distinct competitive advantage, in the form of a unique and exclusive ecommerce experience created from scratch by the experts.

Whether looking to enhance your existing website, undertake an extensive overhaul or begin building a brand new business from scratch, our comprehensive Magento ecommerce solutions cover all bases and all budgets. Whatever it takes to get you from where you want now to where you want to be, Pivotal has you covered.

Platform Migration

 magento development

Pivotal can assist with the migration of your business from any existing ecommerce platform or programming language. If you’d like to dive into the extensive and exclusive benefits of the world’s leading ecommerce platform, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Our targeted, bespoke business solutions are focused on the on-going growth and success of our clients. In many instances, the first and most important step we recommend is platform migration. Depending on your current platform, it’s perfectly possible that you could benefit in a variety of ways by making the switch to Magento 1 or Magento 2. Regardless of how difficult or complex the migration process may appear, we can make it a streamlined, stress-free and seamless transition for your business.

What makes Pivotal different is the way in which we take into account absolutely everything that matters, before going ahead. Rather than simply guessing which platform could serve your business best, we consider a variety of factors and work closely with our clients to create a tailored solution.

This will include establishing and defining your requirements, designing the ideal user interface from scratch, migrating all essential product and customer information, rebuilding unique and internal features, boosting your site’s SEO profile and implementing a successful relaunch for your business. If you haven’t already experienced the various benefits of making the switch to Magento, now could be the time to do exactly that!

B2C eCommerce
We can help you achieve a significant increase in sales while building the strongest lasting relationships with your target audience.

To stand any chance of keeping up with your competitors in such a ferocious ecommerce environment, the only acceptable standard is flawlessness. Simply blending in with the crowd or modelling your business in accordance with how your rivals operate isn’t enough to get by. The only viable approach to successful ecommerce is to take every opportunity to stand out from the crowd and exceed your customers’ expectations.

With our help, this is exactly what you can achieve with Magento.

We focus on the kinds of creative, functional and intelligently simplified user experiences that resonate with today’s consumer. From site navigation to product exploration to the purchase process and so on, strategic simplification breeds positive results. We focus our efforts on increasing both traffic volumes and conversion rates – the two defining characteristics of a successful Magento development.

What’s more, we can help create the kind of storefront that has exactly the kind of impact it takes to be remembered. From visual imagery to textual content to multi-language support and so on, we know exactly what it takes to build a Magento ecommerce site that stands out for all the right reasons.

B2B eCommerce
Discover what an intelligent, 100% bespoke Magento development solution could do for your B2B ecommerce enterprise. Our unrivalled experience spanning every industry and sector uniquely positions us to transform the way your business operates. If you’d like to begin exploring the true potential of Magento as a B2B ecommerce platform, Pivotal is here to help.

We know exactly what it takes to reach out to other businesses and how the customer experience must be tailored accordingly. Whether working exclusively in B2B ecommerce or alongside a standard B2C model, we can help optimise and improve everything your site delivers.

In the right hands, Magento has the potential to be the single most powerful ecommerce solution the world has ever seen. Despite having only launched in 2007, approximately 30% of the world’s most successful ecommerce websites have been built using Magento development.

If you’re ready to see exactly what Magento is capable of when put to work by the most knowledgeable, experienced and capable development team in business, Pivotal is standing by to take your call!