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Logo design is a crucial part of any company, an effective company logo isn’t about showing off your graphic design skills. Instead, it’s about defining the brand it represents at a single glance. The complexities and challenges inherent in the creation of any brand logo must not be understated. After all, it is how your brand will both identify and distinguish itself from your competitors with everything you do.

As one of the leading logo design agencies on the market, we acknowledge and appreciate the importance of an effective, impactful and memorable corporate logo. With more than 140 years’ combined experience in all aspects of brand development and marketing, Pivotal knows exactly what it takes to create the kinds of logos that speak volumes for your brand.

When it comes to the kind of instant and lasting recognition that can make all the difference, Pivotal has you covered!

Instant Recognition

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You don’t have to be a marketing or branding expert to fully understand the power and potential of an effective logo. When you think about it, every consumer across the board is exposed to hundreds, often thousands of completely different logos every day, representing businesses from every sector across the board. The only difference being that while some brand logos are instantly recognisable, others fade into the background and are largely overlooked.

From McDonald’s to Nike to Shell to BP and so on, you only need to see a glimpse of these logos out of the corner of your eye to know exactly which business they represent. But what’s important to acknowledge when taking into account the logos of the world’s most successful businesses is the fact that they all have something in common:


Contrary to popular belief, the key to successful and high-impact logo design doesn’t lie in complexity. Instead, it lies in the creation of a logo which represents and defines the brand as a whole in the simplest, fastest and most elegant manner possible. In doing so, the logo makes it immediately clear as to the brand it represents and creates a sense of on-going familiarity.

Make no mistake about it – this kind of instant recognition is no less than the holy grail in the business world.

Which is precisely why the biggest companies in the world invest spectacular sums of money in the creation of logos, which materialise as something remarkably simple. For example, the ‘sunflower’ design currently used by BP may be relatively modest, but nonetheless cost the company £136 million in total research, development and roll-out costs in 2000. Big businesses place incredible emphasis on the importance on the logos used to represent them, for the simple reason that they understand their power and significance.

If you’d like to learn more about how premier logo design services could benefit your business, the Pivotal customer service team is standing by to take your call.

Why Your Logo Matters
For many smaller and newer businesses, the significance of high-quality logos may not be immediately apparent. With so many other priorities to focus on along the way, these are the kinds of things that tend to be treated as something of an afterthought.

Unfortunately, compromising on quality when it comes to the logo you choose to represent your brand can and will have a significant impact on your performance. There are various reasons why a strong logo is important for any business and why settling for second best or amateur efforts isn’t advisable.

Your logo reveals your identity
For example, your logo can and should be used to add your own unique branding to absolutely everything you produce. From products to emails to websites to business cards and everything else across the board, your logo allows you to create a sense of unity and build your brand identity. Given that your logo will therefore be seen by each and every individual that comes into contact with your business, it simply makes sense to ensure it is the best possible logo.

Your logo delivers an important first impression
Not only will everyone who comes into contact with your business see your logo, but chances are it is the very first thing they will see. Which also means that their first impression may be affected significantly by the quality of your logo and the message it conveys. Think about it – if you came across a business for the first time and noticed a logo that looked like a 5-minute school project, what would it be able to tell you about the business behind it? Chances are, nothing particularly positive. Now, consider what kind of first impression your own company logo is currently giving newcomers to your business.

Your logo tells a story
It’s often possible to tell a lot about a business and what it does, simply by looking at its logo. From the colour palette chosen to its overall design to its textual content, shape, size and so on, you can immediately pick up on the kind of message and story the business is looking to convey. Not to mention, exactly which kind of audience the business is targeting. Long before taking the time to explore what the business has to offer, you already find yourself building an impression of what they’re all about.

Your logo sets you apart from your rivals
Of course, your company logo also plays an important role in helping distinguish your business from your competitors. A quality logo stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons, serving as a reflection of your established position as a market leader.

Comprehensive Logo Design Services
Here at Pivotal, we offer a comprehensive range of fully flexible and tailored logo design services for every type of business at every level. By taking into account your current position, objectives and key differentiating factors, we’ll provide you with the kind of logo that speaks volumes for your reputation.

If you’d like to ensure you deliver only the very best first impression and an impression that lasts, the Pivotal is standing by to take your call. Get in touch today for more information on our market-leading logo design services.