Joomla Vs WordPress – A Clear Winner?

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Content management systems these days are…well, let’s not say ten a penny, but there’s certainly a ton of them to choose from. Nevertheless, even with hundreds of very capable rivals it almost always comes down to a choice between WordPress and Joomla – the world’s two favourite open-source CMSs.

But when all’s said and done, is there really a clear winner between the two?

The Pros and Cons of WordPress     joomla-vs-wordpress–a-clear-winner

WordPress is the world’s number one, but like every CMS has its pros and cons to take into account. For example:


  • It’s Free – The fact that WordPress is free is about the biggest bonus of all. Its very nature as an open-source CMS means that it should by rights always be free of charge until the end of time and can be modified and improved upon by anyone.
  • Simple Starts – In most cases, it can take as little as two minutes to go from blank canvas to having WordPress up, running and with any given theme in place. And what’s even better is that you don’t have to know a single thing about setting up a website to make it happen – it really couldn’t be much easier.
  • Customisable – Right now, tens of thousands of themes with their own intricate customisation options mean literally infinite ways in which you can make a WordPress site unique. And once again, most of the best themes out there are free of charge!


  • Possible Costs – Certain themes, plugins and the like for WordPress will of course always come at a cost…not to mention the hosting you’ll need to get going. As such, it’s not always a free venture on the whole.
  • Security – An open-source CMS will always present certain security risks that are impossible to iron out…it just comes with the territory.
  • Advanced Options – You can drag and drop most things in the WordPress, but if you want to go any further you’ll need to know a thing or two about coding or rope in a pro.

The Pros and Cons of Joomla

So, how does Joomla stack up as a rival?


  • Simple Setups – Again, Joomla is just as quick and easy to set up as WordPress and can be operational in seconds.
  • Plentiful Plugins – The Joomla extension library is second to none and can make a real difference to any site.
  • Customisation – It’s easy to make a 100% unique site with Joomla and the CMS is 100% free of charge to use.


  • Beyond the Basics – Going any further than the basics with Joomla can be a bit trying for those with no web design or coding experience.
  • Possible SEO Setbacks – This isn’t to say that Joomla is the enemy of SEO, but at the same time it can be quite tricky to get a Joomla site to shine in the rankings compared to the same site built via a different CMS.

The Result?

Quite obviously there’s no clear winner and it all comes down to personal preference. And given the fact that they’re both 100% free of charge, it’s not as if there’s any room for complaining even if you’re not happy with the choice you make!


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