How to Get More Subscribers for Your YouTube Channel (Part 2)

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It’s not easy building a dedicated following on YouTube. But we’re back with the second half of our two-part guide full of tips to help you on your way.

Did you miss part one? Check it out here.

Are you ready to enjoy an active and engaged audience of subscribers to your channel?

8. Create Topic-Specific Playlists 

Playlists make it as quick and easy as possible for your viewers to find similar, relevant content. When they reach the end of a video, they’re automatically taken to the next video in your playlist.

The more of your content viewers watch and enjoy, the higher the chances they will subscribe.

9. Experiment with Longer Content

Short and concise videos are the preferred format for most YouTube users. But that entirely depends on the type of content you publish.

You may find longer and more in-depth videos are more appropriate. The likes of instructional videos and tutorials often tend to take on this longer format. It’s worth keeping in mind though, if your channel is super new, don’t blast viewers with an hour-long video – the chances aren’t great that they’ll watch it all.

And a key element of YouTube’s algorithm is how often people watch to the end of your videos.

If you’re going for longer-form content, take a tip or two from the pros:

  • Don’t waste your viewers’ time, get to the point as quick as you can
  • Present viewers with a teaser as your video starts – tell them what they’re going to get out of watching the whole video
  • Keep it engaging throughout

10. Promote Your Channel on Other Social Media Platforms

Each time you publish content on YouTube, be sure you promote it on every platform you’re on.

Leverage your full digital reach – your other social channels, your website, your blog, reddit (you name it – do it!) – as part of your wider digital strategy. Market your content and your channel as aggressively as possible.

Encourage everyone who discovers you online to check you out and follow you. 

11. Use SEO-Friendly Titles and Description

The key to building an audience on YouTube lies in attracting appropriately targeted viewers in the first place. This is where SEO-friendly titles and descriptions can help, which should be appropriately researched.

Find out which search terms your audience is using and embed them strategically into your titles, descriptions and file names.

12. Comment on Other People’s Content

Focusing on the ‘social’ element of social media is also essential. And don’t forget, YouTube is absolutely a form of social media. This means take the time to comment on other people’s content and generally engage your audience at every opportunity.

Publishers who take the time to interact with their viewers are far more appealing prospects to potential subscribers. Work on building a real community around your content. Make the effort to become an active part of the community you are looking to engage and attract. 

13. Boost the Quality of Your Thumbnails

Never overlook the influence and importance of attractive thumbnails on YouTube.

These are often (if not predominantly) the deciding factor with regard to whether or not somebody clicks on a suggested video. You only have to glance at the videos of successful channels to see how essential creators consider their thumbnails.

Your thumbnails should be unique, relevant to your content and as eye-catching as possible. Of course, be wary of the clickbait approach – it can put people off, particularly if you don’t deliver some seriously satisfying content.

14. Embed Videos in Your Blog Posts

In fact, embedding your videos in as many other places as possible can only work in your favour.

Make the effort to do everything you possibly can to spread the word about your content. And we really do mean every single time you publish something new.

(And don’t forget to remind those who check out your content to head over to your YouTube channel and subscribe.)

15. Run a Competition or Giveaway

Last up, one guaranteed fail-safe tip for bringing new subscribers onboard is to occasionally run a competition or giveaway. (People love free stuff – who knew?)

The mechanics of the contest can be as simple as you like, with the caveat that only your subscribers can enter. As long as you offer a decent enough incentive that people actually want, you’re guaranteed to add at least a few new subscribers to your channel with each competition you run.

If all else fails, hiring a team of skilled social media marketing professionals could help you build an engaged YouTube audience at a competitive price.

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