How to Get More Subscribers for Your YouTube Channel (Part 1)

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When it comes to getting more YouTube subscribers for your channel, the struggle is painfully real.

Every day, YouTube audiences worldwide watch approximately 5 billion videos. To call competition on YouTube ferocious would be a real understatement. It’s practically insurmountable, making it a tricky digital marketing landscape to navigate.

For obvious reasons, building an active and engaged audience of subscribers is the key to a successful social strategy. In which case, what tactics should you be prioritising in an effort to grow your channel?

The truth is, there are dozens of things a YouTube publisher can do to attract attention. But when it comes to tried, tested and trusted techniques for gaining subscribers, none deserve more time and effort than the following:

1. Create Killer Content 

First up, all the promotional activities in the world cannot make up for low-quality content.

Building an audience on YouTube means serving up valuable content that your viewers cannot find elsewhere. The videos you publish need to be unique, relevant to your niche and distinctive to your brand.

Avoid generic and predictable content at all costs.

2. Consistently Post Content

Posting consistently means providing a steady stream of content for your audience to consume.

Publishing sporadically on YouTube is a recipe for failure. Your viewers need to know when they can expect to see new content and with what kind of frequency. Many experts call it the Oprah Winfrey effect.

The bigger the gaps in your content publishing strategy, the more forgettable you become.

3. Add End Screen Suggestions 

End screens a golden opportunity to encourage your viewers to subscribe and to check out the rest of your content. The logic is simple: if they’ve watched your video right to the end, chances are they’ll be interested in the rest of your catalogue. Tools like these are easy to use and never fail to have a positive impact. 

4. Ask People to Subscribe

This is a big one and perhaps the simplest tactic out there – ask your viewers to subscribe!

Yes, even if you’re so fresh-faced that you don’t think anyone is watching (they are).

CTAs can and should be strategically embedded in everything you create. Whether it’s written content, social media posts, video descriptions or your video itself. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. A gentle but direct reminder goes a long way on competitive platforms like YouTube. 

Take full advantage of the Subscribe button – point to it, and encourage everyone to use it.

5. Mention Your Other Content 

Where possible, mention your other content in the videos you publish. Cross-reference your content and point your viewers in the direction of other videos they’re likely to appreciate. Then make it easy for viewers to find that content – link to every video you mention in your description.

The more of your content they check out and enjoy, the more likely they are to subscribe. Think of your own experiences on YouTube, or consider how Netflix successfully glues you to your seat, hungry for more content.

6. Reply to Every Comment

Comments are powerful indicators of engagement and interest. And replying to people (other than being courteous), is always good practice.

Replying to comments sends a strong message to your viewers, and it’s great for your own engagement.

Get in the habit of replying to every single comment you receive. Even if it’s just a quick ‘thanks’. Otherwise, your viewers will assume they’re being ignored and find it difficult to build meaningful connections with you. 

7. Create an Outstanding Channel Trailer

Your channel trailer is prime real estate. It’s an invaluable opportunity to hook people’s attention and give them a reason to check out your content.

Whether yours is a showreel of what makes your channel amazing, or a particularly strong video of yours, give strong consideration to your channel trailer.

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