How to Get More Followers on Twitter for Free

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Approximately half a billion Tweets are shared on Twitter every 24 hours. In many key markets worldwide, up to 25% of the entire online population uses Twitter.

Figures like this paint a daunting picture for small businesses looking to run successful digital campaigns. With this kind of competition, what can the everyday business do to build a decent audience of followers?

More importantly, how easy is it to get Twitter followers for free?

Buying fake followers outright as a quick fix is not advisable. Inactive followers from spam accounts mean no interaction, zero engagement and the prospect of a knock to your credibility. It’s just not worth it.

But even when it comes to paid Twitter promotions, there are often more effective ways to gain followers with no payment involved.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Stay Active

The most attractive and engaging Twitter publishers are those that are as active as possible.

Posting, commenting, replying and generally engaging your audience is something you should be doing on a constant basis. Avoid sporadic logging on or only occasionally touching base with your audience.

Every social media platform wants you on there, using the platform as often as possible. But given the rapid nature of Twitter, if you’re not staying highly active and giving the platform its due, you’re wasting your time.

Set aside time daily for Twitter – post, engage and regularly share at every opportunity. Every tweet you make doesn’t need to be a witty work of creative genius, so don’t stress about that.

Tweet what you can, when you can. And remember, consistency is key.

2. Create an Inspiring Profile

If a Twitter user takes an interest in something you post, they’ll likely check out your profile. If they vibe with what they find there, chances are they’ll check out more of your tweets or follow you.

  1. Make sure your profile picture is on point. Ideally, this pic should show you – people prefer people to abstract branding.
  2. Use your bio wisely – consider it like your profile’s headline. Let people know what’s in it for them if they follow you.
  3. Add a header image specifically formatted for Twitter. And try not to overload it with text!

It may seem a mundane step, but overlooking the importance of these few fields will hold you back. A profile that sends entirely the wrong message will send prospective followers running.

3. Leverage Your Existing Connections

There’s nothing wrong with directly asking your existing contacts and connections to follow you on Twitter. In fact, it’s something you should do the moment you open your account.

Cross-promote your content across all your social channels, add links to your emails and use CTAs wherever appropriate. Simply asking people to follow you can be a surprisingly effective tactic.

4. Respond to Comments, Replies and Mentions

We touched on this earlier, but indications of interaction and engagement are essential for bringing new followers on board.

Make sure you’re responding to all comments, replies and mentions without exception.

If you don’t have time to script meaningful responses, a simple emoji or ‘thank you’ is still better than nothing. Every comment, reply or mention you ignore is a missed opportunity to bring a follower on board.

5. Follow Others in Your Niche

You scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours. Twitter is a platform of reciprocity, with a semi-unwritten rule on follow-backs.

Roughly translated, people are far more inclined and inspired to follow those who follow them in return. In which case, it simply makes sense to make the first move.

Follow others in your niche and interact with their content; chances are they will afford you the same privilege.

6. Ask Questions and Conduct Polls

Asking questions can be a great way of generating discussion and sparking healthy debate.

People are always on the lookout for opportunities to share their opinions with the world and make their voice heard. Questions and polls provide them with the perfect opportunity to do so, boosting engagement and generating interest in your profile.

7. Focus on Visual Content

Lastly, visual content has consistently proven to be the most engaging and shareable content on Twitter.

Many people head to Twitter to see things, rather than to read things. And where they do read things, they expect them to be concise, punchy and to-the-point.

Twitter is the ultimate instant gratification platform, where the key to success lies in getting things done fast. If you can engage and entertain people with compelling at-a-glance posts, you’re golden.

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