Host Them Green To Keep Them Keen

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Host them green to keep them keen we always say. Although green web hosting as a market is flooded, it is truly difficult to determine how green the service you are getting is. Many providers say they are green, but how green are they? Do their hosting services offer a renewable energy supply? Or are they offering to offset their carbon footprint? Maybe, they are offering a combination of both with their hosting.

These days any one with a wind turbine in their back garden who generates excess power puts energy back into the grid and this power is and circulated evenly throughout everyone’s homes respectively.  There is no particular way to provide power than is truly green, all power in the grid whether green, or nuclear is shared and cannot be sold honestly has one particular type.  The only thing green electricity companies can do is reinvest some of their profits in to new renewable energy sources.  Many web hosting companies use electricity companies that offer this and are misled into thinking that there hosting automatically becomes green, they are mistaken and although it is great that profits are being reinvested positively, users aren’t really getting what they are promised by their ‘green’ website host.

For the above reason green hosting in a much truer form can be described and demonstrated by the offsetting of the hosting companies carbon footprint.  This can be done in a variety of ways, from donating to minus carbon organisations and charities or by planting trees with hosting.  Even still most green internet based website hosting companies offer green hosting services only for a finite amount of trees or tree planting to offset the inevitable carbon footprint from hosting a green website.  Pivotal green hosting services use ongoing tree planting through our partners are in order to take a large honest chunk out of our ongoing carbon footprint.

Pivotal Hosting or Pivotal Green Hosting aim to be the cleanest and greenest web hosting company in the business as well as being regarded as the most ethical choice for web hosting a user can make.  We currently fit that criteria, but need the many thousands and millions of web sites on the Internet to join our chosting revolution. Whether you need to register a cheap ethical domain name, host a green and ethical website, hire us for charitable search engine management and optimisation or just hire one of our specialist Pivotal consultants for a day or week’s worth of green & ethical consultancy Pivotal are at happily at your service!

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