Future-Proof SEO – Yes, it Does Exist!

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The biggest problem with SEO…and yes, there are plenty to choose from…is the way in which it is changing by the day. Well, the algorithms themselves are changing anyway, which means in order to get by it’s something of a constant battle to determine what works and what doesn’t.

This in turn means that a small fortune spent on today’s SEO could prove to be a fruitless waste of money in the weeks and months to come. In terms of future-proof SEO, it’s long been considered a myth that such strategies even exist for the plain and simple reason that nobody except Google knows what’s to come.       future-proof-seo–yes-it-does-exist

However, take a common sense perspective on the subject and you’ll find that while you cannot cover yourself against all eventualities, you can at least give your site a pretty strong shot at weathering future algorithm updates.

Future-proof SEO does exist and it need not be as complicated as you might expect!

1 – Do As You’re Told

For example, each search engine has its own unique rules and regulations when it comes to what to do and what not to do to keep them happy – use them! Within the guidelines of Google, Bing and others you’ll find out plenty on the subjects of what the search engine’s crawlers are looking for, how sites can be optimised for efficient indexation, what it means to create quality content and all manner of things you should NOT be doing under any circumstances.

It’s all there in nice official black and white!

2 – Experiment Less

There’s plenty to be said for SEO experimentation, but for the most part no matter what kinds of new-fangled approaches you come up with, they’ll be temporarily effective at best. Take a look at the most solid and still dependable SEO tactics today and you’ll note that most haven’t changed in years. From strong content to authoritative backlinks to relevance to content freshness and so on – stick with the things that have always worked wonders and chances are they won’t expire too quickly.

3 – Work On Content, Then Optimisation

One of the worst habits in the history of SEO is that of taking a blank site or page and asking yourself what you can do to make it a winner in the eyes of Google and Co. To do so is to set off down a path that will see you breaking pretty much every SEO rule in the book when it comes to positive practices that actually work. While it might seem like you’re being picked on and made to jump through hoops, Google’s algorithm changes are implemented only with standard website user-experience in mind. Or in other words, sites that are written and designed 100% for users and NOT for search engines will always gain more favour…starting to get the picture here?

The takeaway from the whole subject is really quite simple – there are certain SEO techniques and strategies that have already proven themselves to be timeless and future-proof. As such, there’s really no sense in wasting time and efforts trying to find new ones when the answers are already right there in front of you.


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