Distribute.IT Sites Hacked Over 4000 Websites Lost

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distribute.IT Websites Hacked
distribute.IT Websites Hacked

Recently hackers breached Australian hosting company Distribute.IT and have left 4,800 sites likely unrecoverable, the company stated on Tuesday. During the security exploit the hackers were able to access the hosting company’s four main servers. In a statement on the company’s website, Distribute.IT stated:

“While every effort will be made to continue to gain access to the lost information from those hosting servers, it seems unlikely that any usable data will can be salvaged from these platforms.”

Distribute.IT says the hackers erased vital information such as backups and snapshots during the attack. This making it virtually impossible to recover their user’s data. While admitting the data is likely unrecoverable, Distribute.IT says it will continue to attempt to salvage further information.

Meanwhile, the hosting company is assisting its customers with transferring to other hosting providers without dispute. Distribute.IT concluded by stating:

“The overall magnitude of the tragedy and the loss of our information and yours is simply incalculable; and we are distressed by the actions of the parties responsible for this reprehensible act.”

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