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Digital Consultancy

Pivotal specialises in transforming the expectations of your customers into consistent and memorable experiences. Strategic digital consultancy lies at the heart of every successful digital design, development and marketing strategy.  Backed by more than 140 years’ collective experience in all aspects of digital, the Pivotal team has the skills, talents and technical know-how to make extraordinary things happen.

Our digital consultancy services follow a strict four-stage process, enabling us to create a clear digital vision, comprehensive strategy and rock-solid blueprint for the success of your business.


We begin by carrying out extensive research from a variety of angles, in order to build a digital strategy based on solid evidence and detailed analysis. Rather than making presumptions, we prefer to work with hard data.

Our team will create a strategic, detailed and 100% bespoke digital vision, comprising a comprehensive road map and outlining key deliverables in accordance with your objectives.

Managing end-to-end delivery of the strategic digital plan and ensuring the right capabilities are in place.

The immediate and on-going performance of your digital strategy will be considered against a series of predetermined key performance indicators, enabling us to strive for continuous improvement at all times.

An Invaluable Option
Digital consultancy makes the ideal option for businesses that may not be looking to entirely outsource all digital duties and requirements across the board. Here at Pivotal, we offer a range of fully flexible, tailored digital consultancy solutions to suit all businesses and preferences. From covering occasional ad-hoc duties to deep involvement in all aspects of digital to the provision of professional training and coaching services, we can provide you and your business with whatever you need to perform at your best.

We take enormous pride in applying our unrivalled industry experience and technical expertise in the creation of dynamic and innovative digital solutions.  Everything we do is geared towards the provision of a flawless and consistent experience for your target audience, providing your business with an important competitive edge.

The digital consultancy team here at Pivotal will work directly and closely with your own team members, managers and stakeholders alike, in order to clearly and comprehensively pinpoint your objectives and expectations. Our digital consultancy services include comprehensive analysis of your current performance and identification of your strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities. We will identify and define essential KPIs for the on-going evaluation and measurement of your online strategy. Ultimately, the Pivotal team will help mould, shape and enhance your online presence, while at the same time working hard to minimise costs.

Each of the digital design and development services offered by Pivotal can be provided individually, or in conjunction with any other services from across our wider catalogue. To learn more about our digital consultancy services or to arrange an obligation-free consultation with one of our experts, get in touch with the Pivotal customer service team today.

Identifying and Evaluating Competitors
In order to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, you need to keep a close eye on your competitors. Creating an effective and efficient digital strategy is fundamentally impossible if you do not know exactly what you are up against. In order to outperform your rivals, you first need to know exactly how they are performing.

As part of our wider digital consultancy services, Pivotal is proud to offer comprehensive competitor identification and evaluation. By digging deep into the activities of those operating within your niche or sector, we can develop a digital roadmap to guarantee your business the competitive edge. If looking to increase your market share or simply stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of your target audience, Pivotal is here to help.

Why Hire a Digital Consultancy Team?
Small and large businesses alike on a global basis are increasingly turning to digital consultancy teams to handle their online strategies. But what is it about professional digital consultancy that can make such a difference for your business? Why should you trust Pivotal to help your brand emerge as a leader in your field?

Digital Consultancy Gets You Found
First and foremost, digital consultancy ensures your business gets found by its target audience in the first place. Exposure continues to represent the single most important factor when it comes to determining market share and overall success. If your target audience cannot find you, conversion rates and the wider customer experience are rendered irrelevant. Make no mistake about it – there is no quick-fix solution when it comes to exposure through targeted SEO.  Nevertheless, implement an effective on-going digital strategy and a prominent position follows naturally.

Digital Consultancy Keeps Your Customers Engaged
Success in the digital world takes far more than simply attracting customers in the first place. In order to remain relevant, you need to engage them and hold onto their attention. Having an online presence in its own right is no longer enough. From superior content to influencer marketing to social proof to comprehensive brand and back-story development, digital consultancy provides key insights into the considerations you cannot afford to overlook. Keeping your customers engaged represents a fulltime job – one you may benefit from professional assistance with.

Digital Consultancy Gives You a Fresh Perspective
Nobody knows your business better than you do. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the best person to take an objective look at your brand and its performance as a whole. In fact, you are probably the worst person to look at things objectively. Just because you genuinely believe that your website, marketing and digital strategies in general are superb doesn’t mean anyone else will. As a business owner or manager, it’s natural to overlook, ignore or become entirely blind to the reality of what’s actually happening. With a team of experienced digital consultants on your side, a fresh and unbiased perspective can make all the difference.

Digital Consultancy Is Affordable
Don’t make the mistake of assuming that digital consultancy represents an optional luxury you can do without. When you consider your existing digital spend and the potential for expert consultancy to deliver an extraordinary ROI, digital consultancy could be too valuable to pass up. Particularly if you already work with marketing managers, web designers, PR teams, copywriters, social media managers, SEO experts and so on. Digital consultancy is all about combining each and every service required to provide you with the most outstanding digital strategy in the simplest, most streamlined and affordable manner possible.

Digital Consultancy Helps You Keep Up with Competitors
However your brand performs, you will only remain relevant if you are able to keep up with your closest rivals. Or better yet, outperform them. Working with a digital consultancy team not only allows for the creation of a superior digital strategy, but also removes any number of burdens from your shoulders. In turn allowing you to focus your efforts and your resources on what really matters – running your business. Discover what your competitors are doing, what you could be doing to outperform them and how to make it happen on a consistent basis.

Digital Consultancy Can Transform Your Online Image
Once again, a fresh and impartial perspective can be just the thing for identifying much needed improvements for your online media in general. With the help of a digital marketing consultant, your website and the rest of your online assets will always look great and function flawlessly. These days, website design and development must be approached as on-going challenges where final ‘completion’ simply doesn’t exist. The Pivotal digital consultancy team can transform your online image into an inspiring and accurate reflection of your business as a whole.

Digital Consultancy Teams Can Manage Your Reputation
Reputation management represents an important element in a wider digital strategy, though one that is often overlooked. Monitoring and proactively managing your online reputation can be incredibly time-consuming and complex. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that you keep a close eye on what is being said about your business, who’s saying it, where the information is coming from and why. You might think your reputation is above board – the reality may be quite the opposite. With the help of our expert digital consultants, Pivotal can help ensure that your reputation paints a prominent and wholly positive picture of your business in general.

Digital Consultants Provide On-going Support
Most importantly of all, digital consultancy is not to be seen as a one-time-only service provision for quick fixes. For the benefit of your business, Pivotal specialises in on-going digital consultancy services, helping protect and enhance your brand’s performance for the long-term. Having a team of digital experts to turn to for advice, support and direction on every aspect of your brand’s digital performance really can be invaluable. Along with priming your business for success, Pivotal can help ensure your continual peak performance at all times.

Making Digital Marketing Work
Here at Pivotal, we understand and acknowledge the fact that most businesses these days are investing heavily in digital marketing. Which is precisely why we specialise exclusively in 100% bespoke digital design, development and marketing solutions that take performance to an entirely higher level. Rather than following the usual generic standards, we put our unrivalled experience, expertise and creativity to work for the benefit of your business. Rather than focusing on passing fads or quick-fix solutions, we provide the most innovative, future-focused digital solutions for small and large businesses alike.

Far from simple service providers, we prefer to think of ourselves as your trusted partners in all aspects of digital. By getting to know your brand at the deepest possible level, we can ensure that your primary objectives are met and your market share maximised. What’s more, Pivotal firmly believes in the importance of simplicity and the delivery of streamlined solutions. We keep everything we do as simple as possible, eliminating unnecessary complexities and keeping our digital consultancy costs competitive.

Since going into business, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses across the UK and beyond achieve the kind of performance their respective owners had never thought possible. Our combined experience of more than 140 years extends to every area and aspect of digital design and development at every level. Quite simply – there’s nothing we don’t know about digital, or how to maximise its value and performance for your business.

If interested in any of our digital consultancy or design services, we’d love to hear from you. As a fully independent agency, Pivotal takes pride in offering nothing but 100% honest, impartial and objective advice at all times. So whether ready to go ahead with an advanced digital strategy or simply exploring the options available to you, get in touch with a member of the team today to organise an obligation-free consultation.