Danger Signs – How Not to Pick an SEO Support Partner

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When you set about looking for the best partner in SEO support, chances are you’ll find plenty of tips as to the traits and qualities to be on the lookout for. However, it’s just as or perhaps even more important to know which kind of danger signs to also look out for and avoid at all costs. There are certain ‘tells’ you’ll come across which can by rights be taken on-board as a reason to head elsewhere without giving it a second thought.    danger-signs–how-not-to-pick-an-seo-support-partner

So, with the best interests of your business in mind, here are the most common and prominent danger signs to watch out for when making your decision:

Unprofessional Websites

An SEO firm with an unprofessional website is a bit like a dentist with hideous teeth – not to be trusted. It’s not a case of being picky, it’s a case of exercising common sense. Think of it this way – if they cannot even get their own website to a truly flawless level of quality, what does this say about the services you can expect for yourself and your business? The answer is of course not very much at all, so be sure to factor in this first impression and have a good look around. From spelling mistakes to poor layouts to rubbish navigation and pretty much everything across the board, use this as a representation of what you’ll get should you strike a deal.

One Size Fits All Packages

It’s always tempting when you see what looks like a one size fits all SEO package that claims to cover all bases for the most ridiculously low price you’ve ever seen. But beware! The reason being that when it comes to covering all SEO needs down to the finest detail, what you should really be on the lookout for is the ability to customise your own package uniquely in line with your business. It’s not to say that all prefab packages are bad, but if all they’re offering is a couple of choices with little to no scope for tailoring, walk away.

Masses of Small Print

It’s inevitable that there will be small-print and various terms and conditions for you to agree to, but they should be at least concise enough to digest without spending a year reading them and free from all technical jargon. It’s all about transparency and openness when it comes to the most agreeable contracts, so insist on both.

Lack of Evidence

And finally, claims to fame don’t mean anything at all unless there is evidence present to back them up. As such, even if they claim to have helped every business under the sun go from zero to world-class in record-time, this means nothing at all without proof. The best proof of all is of course the positive feedback of those that have actually used the services before and have nothing but glowing praise for the provider. So, be sure to keep a lookout for feedback and/or case studies and if you find neither, have a good think about why this might be.




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