Daily Blog Cultivation – Seven Steps for Winning Weeks

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So here’s a question for all aspiring blog writers – is it really possible to inject new life into your blog in as little as a week? The problem faced by most is that of running a business and trying to find the time to create a winning blog on the side – no easy ask for anyone with finite time to spare. However, with the right approach and attitude it can take no more than a few simple tips to ensure that even a single daily blog post is indeed as high impact as it needs to be for the benefit of the business.   daily-blog-cultivation–seven-steps-for-winning-weeks

Here’s a quick overview of seven blog boosting tips that can be implemented with ease:

1 – Opinion and Purpose

Anyone can relay industry news via a blog, but it’s another thing entirely to relay news for a reason and to explain why it is that it matters to you. The latter is by far the most appealing to your readers as they can read the news anywhere – they can only get your opinions and insights from you.

2 – One a Day, Every Day

Even if it’s only for 15 minutes and results in a few sentences being thrown together, get into the habit of writing at least once a day, every day. And that means focused and dedicated writing too, with no distractions and just as much concentration as you’d give any other business task.

3 – Carry a Pad for Ideas

You never know when you might get hit with the inspiration for one, two or even ten blog posts all at the same time. You can’t always rely on your own memory to keep track of them all, so keep a small pad with you at all times to jot down reminders when and where inspiration strikes.

4 – Create, Don’t Just Curate

No interesting industry news? No problem – try writing blog posts that come from your heart, your soul or even just off the top of your head. Regardless of what you come up with, it’ll always be 100% unique and of great value.

5 – Write a Draft

If you’re not 100% sure of your direction with a post, write a draft version first as this is a great way of allowing your ideas to develop and expand right there on the paper in front of you.

6 – Build a Credit

If you happen to be overflowing with ideas at any one time on matters than are not time specific, there’s nothing to stop you writing out as many blog posts as you like to be posted over the coming days and weeks.

7 – Know Your Niche

Last but not least, the key secret…although it’s hardly a secret in the traditional sense…to knowing more about writing better blogs on any given niche is to know as much as possible about the niche itself. Read the news, sign up for the blogs of others and generally get yourself involved – there’s no better way of finding the inspiration that might otherwise escape you.


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