cPanel Integration

Pivotal is proud to offer a comprehensive range of web hosting cPanel solutions for every size and type of business. Our unrivalled experience and expertise with cPanel allow us to deliver targeted, intelligent and uniquely innovative solutions, tailored in direct accordance with the requirements of our clients.

We specialise in the provision of 100% bespoke cPanel integration solutions and general digital services of the highest quality. Whether looking to start a new business from scratch or take an existing enterprise to a much higher level, the Pivotal team brings a combined 140 years’ experience to every project we take on.

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The Industry Standard


Since its initial launch more than two decades ago in 1996, cPanel has been seen as something of an industry standard. Used by millions of businesses and developers at all levels on a global basis, cPanel is based on the Linux operating system and boasts a series of powerful, dynamic and user-friendly features.

cPanel was introduced in the first place to provide those with a lack of technical expertise with the tools and resources required to effectively manage websites or servers. Today, cPanel has been enriched and improved across the board, bringing a variety of more powerful and productive tools to the table than ever before. As far as many of the world’s leading developers and business owners are concerned, cPanel represents the only work hosting control panel worth considering.

If you’d like to learn more about what cPanel and its unique contingency of features could do for your business, the Pivotal customer service team is standing by to take your call.

cPanel Benefits and Features
There are various features and benefits to cPanel that have made it a favourite among developers and businesses alike over the years. With our help, your business will benefit from every advantage cPanel brings to the table, including but certainly not limited to the following:

Simple installation and operation
First of all, cPanel is extremely easy to set up and get started with in the first place. Boasting an extremely intuitive graphical user interface, even the most complex and technical tasks can be completed with just a few clicks. From making regular backups to searching for web directories to calculating disk space to on-going site maintenance, everything is made as smooth, simple and seamless as possible.

Labour and cost savings
As the platform is so comprehensively easy to use, smaller businesses and hosting providers can save a small fortune on labour costs. Along with minimising workload of system administrators, it may not be necessary to hire expert system administrators in the first place. Instead, the business gains simplified yet total control over its online assets via one intuitive, innovative platform.

The list of features provided as standard for cPanel user is growing all the time. Each and every example having been developed and included so as to make it as quick and easy as possible to manage websites and hosting accounts, with little to no technical expertise required. Sample features include email management, anti-virus, fraud protection and more.

Another significant benefit of the cPanel platform is its comprehensive compatibility with popular browsers. From Internet Explorer to Chrome to Safari and so on, cPanel offers seamless compatibility across the board.

Apps and add-ons
cPanel also makes it easy for businesses to significantly improve and enrich the experiences they provide their customers with. The platform supports third party apps and add-ons, which can bring anything from guest books to bulletin boards to blogs and so on to your website. Improve the scope, functionalities and overall appeal of your websites with ease.

Of course, none of the above counts for a great deal without the kind of flawless reliability your business depends on. Over the years, cPanel has evolved to become not only one of the most reliable platforms of its kind, but a uniquely intelligent control panel that can actively detect and correct failed services, as and when they occur.

For more information on how the various benefits of cPanel could be put to use for your business, the Pivotal customer service team is standing by to take your call.

Comprehensive Digital Solutions
Along with our unrivalled experience and expertise in every aspect of digital design and development, it’s our uniquely flexible approach that distinguishes Pivotal as a market leader. Since the day we went into business, we’ve specialised in providing nothing but 100% bespoke digital solutions for every type of business at every level. Quite simply, our customers come to us with their objectives, their vision and their available budget – we work our magic to make things happen.

We provide multi-faceted digital solutions, each of which is meticulously crafted from the ground up in direct accordance with the requirements and expectations of our customers. We refuse to offer ‘off the shelf’ solutions and approach each project as a unique and valuable opportunity to further enhance our capabilities and experience. It’s the relentless pride and passion we bring to every project that enable us to deliver truly flawless results, without exception.

What We Offer
In order to provide your business with the best possible service package from start to finish, Pivotal offers three-step approach to every digital design and development project:

  1. Analysis and design. By taking into account your current position and objectives, we will create and 100% bespoke blueprint for a successful project.
  2. Implementation and optimisation. When you are happy with our proposal, we will take care of the implementation process from start to finish. We will also continually monitor every aspect of the project, in order to implement optimisation measures along the way.
  3. On-going support and aftercare. We take enormous pride in building strong and lasting partnerships with our customers. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, you can count on Pivotal to offer our total support and commitment.

Whether looking to get a new business off the ground in the first place, breathe life into a struggling enterprise or take an already successful business to the highest possible level, the Pivotal customer service team is standing by to take your call.