How to Make the Magic of Magazines Work for Your Webpage

Most experts are not actually convinced that magazines will be around for much longer. Print journalism might have millions of truly dedicated fans right now, but sooner or later this will probably not be the case. Particularly as the younger generation continues to shun any kind of printed media left, right and centre. But what … Read more

6 Tricks to Grab the Attention of Your Visitors

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Four Reasons to Consider a Comprehensive Website Redesign

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What Can A Professional Web Designer Do That I Can’t?

Given that it’s entirely possible (not to mention cheap) to build DIY websites right now, that’s entirely what millions are doing. Even if you don’t have any prior experience or knowledge, there are various engines, packages and content management systems that can make the process pretty simple. So given that it’s a possibility, what are … Read more

The Five Most Important Mobile Design Best Practices

If you only memorise one statistic about mobile Internet use, it should be this: As things stand right now, approximately 93% of all Internet users access the web via their mobile devices, every single day. Which equates to somewhere in the region of 3.5 billion people worldwide. By now, you probably don’t need us to … Read more

Google and Bing Agree to Take Down Piracy Websites

It may be entirely against the law, but piracy is nevertheless a truly big business these days. Most people that take part in P2P sharing aren’t really out to make any money, but simply to let other individuals access their music and film files in an approach that infringes copyright law. At the same time … Read more

Your Trusted Partner in Affiliate Marketing

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Six Key Magento E-Commerce Trends for 2016

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Hard Stats and Facts to Illustrate the Value of UE Focus

Above and beyond absolutely everything else, web users respond well to a solid user experience. Which when you think about it isn’t exactly rocket science – why would they bother doing business with you or come back for a repeat visit, if they were entirely turned off by things the first time around? The trouble … Read more