Anthony Giddens Rough Guide to Saving the World.

It’s Thursday 3rd February, 2011, a large number of human beings have gathered together at the Thomas Paine Lecture Theatre, University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom, Earth. Why are they here…to save the world, at least, to listen to somebody talk about saving the world, that person is Professor Lord Anthony Giddens. Anthony … Read more

Ethical Website Hosting

Why can hosting be ethical? Most people just want a site. They don’t care how it gets setup or what goes on behind the scenes at the administrative end of their regular hosting service. The fact is, ethical hosting isn’t sought after enough and people just don’t know why they should consider how ethical their … Read more

WordPress Hosting Questions Answered

Why choose a host which advertises as a ‘WordPress’ host? Firstly, if you don’t know what a wordpress host is, you may be reading this thinking… yeah why? Well, WordPress has only a few requirements in order to be installed but those requirements are important to hosting a reliable content managed site. It helps to … Read more

Host Them Green To Keep Them Keen

Host them green to keep them keen we always say. Although green web hosting as a market is flooded, it is truly difficult to determine how green the service you are getting is. Many providers say they are green, but how green are they? Do their hosting services offer a renewable energy supply? Or are they offering to … Read more

Domain Registration

Register domains with us. Its straight forward, goes towards our annual tree planting making us a supplier of green domain names, and its also easy to link to our web chosting packages or charitable hosting packages. We have various options for free uk domain registration and for the rest we offer cheap domain registration. For all of our … Read more

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is a tricky thing and can form the foundation of a good online business or personal venture. Its the first step to creating your online presence and the best thing to do is be very considered when choosing a domain name for your project. Don’t rush in to it and … Read more

Best Web Hosting Deals

One of the most difficult things on-line is finding the best deal for website hosting and the cheapest domain name. You wan’t to find great deals which offer cheap reliable and fast web space you can count on, but you also have to make sure your web hosting provider has the best customer service and uptime. You … Read more