Green Forums Launched

Pivotal Launches Its New Green Forums After a long wait and development, Pivotal hosting are going even greener with the new Pivotal Green Forums. With the sole intention of building an online, green and tech savvy community we hope to encourage positivity and good communication between like minded people. Seo Green Forums We have added … Read more

SEO Tip Of The Day – Get Traffic With CommentLuv

Get traffic with CommentLuv posting on blogs!

Get Traffic With Comments We posted a quick question on the CommentLuv Facebook page and this is what we got back. Wow, I would definitely give this a read and implement it. The absolute best way is to start to get traffic with making posts on your site saying that you have commentluv installed and then go … Read more

SEO Tip Of The Day – Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Blog Traffic

We at Pivotal get asked this a lot: How do I get more traffic to my site (or blog)? We thought it best to provide a nice list of methods and techniques to bring more traffic your way, so here goes: To Get More Traffic: Use lists in your blogs if it’s relevant. Like this … Read more

SEO Tip Of The Day – How To Use Meta Tags

The meta tag analysis for our site was too long!

How To Use Meta Tags It is very important to use unique tags for each page of your content. A unique title, description and keywords tag is crucial to tell the search engines what you want to get across. Be careful not to try and fool them though as they cross reference these meta tags … Read more

Hosting For The Red Cross Japan Appeal

The extent of the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan!

After the 11th largest earthquake ever recorded hit Japan on the 11th of March 2011 the Red Cross immediately setup the Japan Appeal. The earthquake was measured at 8.8 on the Richter scale and it triggered a Tsunami with massive seven meter high waves which ripped through the east coast of Japan leaving trail of destruction in … Read more

WordPress Website Hosting

One kind of open source application is WordPress, which has become very well known nowadays. It allows users to use it in a convenient and easy way to manage and publish online content without any programming knowledge and expertise. Initially, the main aim was to enable bloggers with WordPress to publish their work online without … Read more

Tree Blogging with WordPress

WordPress website hosting is offered by many companies. However, when you choose a company to host your WordPress tree planting blog, be sure to check that it is capable of hosting WordPress. WordPress is mainly known as a website where you can design your own blog by downloading its free software. When you decide that … Read more

Quick Website Setup

The industry of setting up a website is huge. You may think that your goals of being a well-known web designer may appear impossible to achieve. However, you must consider it an advantage and seize it from your heart. It is never easy, yet nothing is impossible. You may have a lot of concerns and … Read more

Publish Your Views on the News

Using an easy site builder program, you can voice you opinions about what is going on in the news and other modern events. Starting a website with an easy site builder program means you don’t have to have a lot of technical knowledge. You can just find a web hosting company that features an easy … Read more

Fight Against Climate Change with a Quick Website Setup

With a quick website setup you can make how you feel about the earth known. Considering the recent climate changes that are happening, it is apparent that the time to speak up is right now. A company that offers a quick website setup will allow you to create an online presence. The Earth’s climate changes … Read more