Can An ‘About Us’ Page Convert? It Sure Can – Here’s How

If there’s one page of the average website that gets overlooked more than any other, it’s that old faithful – the ‘About Us’ page. Usually left as something of an afterthought to be thrown together when time suits, it’s seen by most businesses as little more than a way of bulking the site up with … Read more

Curating Content – Take It and Make it Your Own

Creating content means taking a blank sheet of paper and coming up with interesting and engaging content for your website that’s 100% unique and uses no information, facts or figures from anywhere else. Or in other words, it’s a bit like sitting down and writing the news instead of just reporting on it…not the easiest … Read more

DIY Versus Pro Site Building – Which is Best for Your Business?

When the time comes to finally breathe life into your very first website, you’ll be faced with the choice of doing it yourself of calling in the pros. Now, it’s safe to say that most will tailor their decisions in accordance with how much they have to spend, but there are more pros and cons … Read more

Choosing an Ideal Domain Name – Some Rules to Follow

The domain name you choose for your website will play a bigger role in its success or otherwise than you can possibly imagine. Sounds scary, but the good news is if you follow a few simple rules, you won’t go making the same hideous mistakes as so many others are making every day.     …and here … Read more

What Makes For a Quality Backlink?

Things are shifting radically across the SEO landscape these days, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the potential value of the backlink. Of course, not all backlinks are worth having in place and some could even see your site stripped of value – it’s no longer a game of simple quantity winning the day. … Read more

Free Web Hosting – Too Good to be True?

Chances are you’ll have heard a hell of a lot over recent months about free web hosting services – something that just a few short years ago was entirely unheard of. The idea of allowing a person to build, launch and maintain a website 100% free of charge doesn’t seem to make a great deal … Read more

How Complacency Could be Killing Your SEO

When it comes to getting SEO right for any business, it’s all about striking the perfect balance without going too OTT. Too much of a good thing will bring you little to no joy whatsoever, but right at the opposite end of the scale there’s an attitude that can be even more hazardous – complacency. … Read more

The Social Media Playbook – Making Your Posts Count

We’ve all come across social media posts that we’ve taken to heart, shared with our friends and in some cases can still remember to this day. Likewise, we’ve also forgotten 99.99% of all social media posts we’ve ever read having been less than impressed at the time of coming across them. So here’s the question … Read more

What Motivated Google’s Hummingbird Update?

When Google announced that its Hummingbird update had come into effect, the most common question…along with the usual voicing of profanity…was why – why did they implement such a monumental change? Are they trying to move the goalposts just for the sake of it, or is there a genuinely important reason for the update?     Well, … Read more