Gen Z Doesn’t Trust You, But You Need It To

Generation Z is a notoriously difficult and discerning market like none encountered to date. As far as business owners worldwide are concerned, Gen Z seems to exist for no reason other than to scrutinise, speculate and speak their minds with brutal honesty. Nevertheless, the eldest members of the Gen Z demographic will be turning 22 … Read more

Are You Managing Your Online Reputation Properly?

Most business owners understand the importance of building and maintaining a strong reputation. Likewise, most business owners also understand how influential both positive and negative press can be. Nevertheless, research would seem to suggest that comparatively few business owners address online reputation management with any real sense of priority. For example, it’s estimated that around … Read more

Seven Ways to Get More Value from Your Social Media Images

Here’s a question – what would social media be without fantastic images? The answer – painfully bland and boring. Quality pictures are inherently more impactful and memorable than any combination of words you could ever put together. Hence the reason why they form such an important aspect of a wider social media marketing package. Still, … Read more

Is Buying Social Proof Really Worth the Risk?

Just for the record, what we’re actually talking about here is purely quantitative social proof.   Hiring influencers at any price to sing the praises of your products, services or brand in general has the potential to work wonders. And it’s a tactic that’s been used by the biggest businesses in the world for generations. After … Read more

Digital Marketing on a Shoestring

Devising and implementing an outstanding digital marketing strategy with little cash to play with is difficult, but not impossible. It’s simply a case of focusing on viable avenues to explore, rather than dwelling on the various services and schemes you cannot afford. So if looking to make the most of even the tiniest digital marketing budget, here’s … Read more

Another Roundup of Key Digital Marketing Statistics

It’s that time of the month again when we share a handful of our favourite digital marketing statistics from the UK and beyond. This instalment, there’s a handful of select nuggets from the world of voice search, social media and conservation. Some of which you may find enlightening, maybe even relevant for your own digital efforts. … Read more

The One-in-Seven Social Media Rule Explained

Keeping up to speed with each and every social media marketing‘rule’ is tricky. Which is why the best advice is to focus on the rules and standards that carry the most weight. One of which being the often-overlooked one-in-seven rule. A favourite among established digital marketers, though one that often slips under the radar of business owners. … Read more

Four SEO Reasons to Launch a Business Blog

From a marketing perspective, launching a business blog comes highly recommended. The benefits of business blogging are as wide reaching as they are accessible. Both for keeping your customers informed and enhancing your authority, a blog is essential.  Nevertheless, the potential SEO benefits of business blogging are often overlooked. As part of a wider SEOstrategy, a good business blog has … Read more

Which Search is Best for eCommerce?

Experience counts for everything, and that goes equally for the user experience as for any other connotation of the word. For the eCommerce business hoping to thrive, an effective search function acts as a critical cornerstone of any website. Choosing wisely equips your site with a powerful tool to boost conversion rates and draw greater … Read more

Key Digital Marketing Stats from Last Week

It’s time for another roundup of interesting and important digital marketing statistics from the past couple of days. From mobile commerce to voice assistants to customer service, it’s been another revealing fortnight for digital marketers once again. Most consumers would use digital assistants to buy products While it may have taken the consumer public some … Read more