Small Business Advertising: 7 Reasons to Go Digital

It is understandable why so many small businesses yet to switch to online marketing are reluctant to do so. With so much economic uncertainty in the world, avoiding additional expenses seems sensible. But that’s no reason not to go digital. In fact, it’s the opposite! Delaying your transition to online marketing is actually placing a … Read more

Reasons to Use Google Analytics

closeup of person at laptop using Google Analytics, reasons to use Google Analytics

Incredibly, research suggests that the vast majority of small businesses still don’t use Google Analytics. Among those who do, usage rates are quite depressingly low. At a glance, Google Analytics can seem like a complex and intricate piece of software. In reality, it’s one of the simplest and most accessible business tools every entrepreneur has … Read more

How Can Twitter Benefit Your Business?

With such ferocious competition from all corners, is it really worth bothering with a Twitter strategy for your business? And what is the best way to get started? Particularly considering the hundreds of millions of users already dominating the platform worldwide. In terms of competition, there is no disputing how congested Twitter really is. Towards … Read more

7 FAQs About Email Marketing

Thinking about an email marketing strategy but not sure where to start? Well, here is a short 101 guide to the most fundamental basics of email marketing. And how to make it work for your brand. Q1: How Do You Do Email Marketing? There are in principle just six simple steps involved in a successful … Read more

The Inevitable Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing (Part 2)

In our previous post, we discussed a selection of the biggest advantages of an investment in social media marketing. With more people spending more time connected to social networks than ever, there has never been a better time to promote your business through social channels. However, there are several inescapable disadvantages to social media marketing that must … Read more

The Inevitable Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing (Part 1)

Ask almost any digital marketer or online business owner these days and they will tell you the same: Social media has the potential to be an exceptionally efficient and impactful marketing tool. Opinions and preferences are one thing, but the above is a fact; social media really can be an extraordinary platform for brand growth. … Read more

Why you should switch your focus from keywords to audiences

We’ve seen a great deal of change in Google Ads in the last few years. In fact, within that statement is one significant change; AdWords was rebranded into Google Ads in 2018, along with a full facelift.  Since then, Google has been redirecting the future of paid marketing from customisation to automation, introducing new campaign types that take control … Read more

5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Performance

Spending significant sums of cash on a high-profile social media marketing strategy is always an option. That is, unless you’re running the kind of small or one-person operation where cash is a sparse commodity. As with most things, the key to getting the most out of your social spend lies in working smarter, rather than harder. If … Read more

What to Do When Your Site Isn’t Converting Visitors

If you thought there was nothing more frustrating than a website that doesn’t attract any visitors, think again. Worse still is a website that pulls in plenty of traffic, but for some reason fails to convert those visitors. You’re convinced you’re getting everything right and you clearly have a search marketing strategy that’s working. In … Read more

How to Reduce Bounce Rates and Improve Conversions

The importance of boosting conversions is self-explanatory, but what exactly is a ‘bounce’? And how do you reduce bounce rates? Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who enter a website and subsequently exit (“bounce”) without viewing any other pages or interacting further in the same visit.  This can occur by way of any of … Read more