Time to Find a New Hosting Company? Here’s How

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Your Trusted Partner in Affiliate Marketing

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000Webhost Finally Admits Massive User-Data Hack

It’s hardly a secret that when it comes to web hosting, bargain-basement isn’t always best. Quite to the contrary in fact as when it comes to general performance, customer service, reliability and so on and so forth, you get what you pay for…it’s as simple as that. Which in turn means that if you aren’t … Read more

Staying Secure In the Cloud – Essential Tips from Hosting Gurus

A recent study on the subject of cloud computing brought to light evidence that well over half of all the world’s biggest businesses still have little to no faith in the security of cloud networking and data storage. Given the way in which powerhouses like Microsoft and Sony were recently hit by hackers on their … Read more

2015’s Most Crucial Web Hosting Tips

Choosing the right web hosting company has never been trickier – all of which is the result of a billion providers all claiming to be better and cheaper than their rivals. And of course, things are only likely to get even more convoluted as time moves forward, which is why as of right now…as in … Read more

SEO That Works – Would You Recognise it?

If you’re in any way familiar with SEO or online marketing, you’ll probably have come across the “content is king” cliché so often it makes you a little bit sick. Understandable, if for the only reason that it became the most highly-preached SEO lesson/rule of them all over recent years and has since been the … Read more

What’s the Secret Behind the Best Backlinks?

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Choosing a Hosting Package – What Not to Do

Each and every day, the web gets flooded with a million and one complaints from those that have signed up for a year-long hosting package and realised by day three that they made a big, big mistake. Sadly, in about 99% of such cases the fault is that of the disgruntled party and really they … Read more

Free Hosting – Generous or Irresponsible?

It seems that as usual the idea of free web hosting has pundits split right down the middle in terms of whether it’s a blessing or a curse. Over recent months there have been more and more calls for hosting companies to begin exercising more vigilance when it comes to handing out free hosting services, … Read more

Free Web Hosting Vs Professional – Five Key Differences

When you’re just starting out as a small business or find yourself in any way struggling to make ends meet, the idea of free web hosting is almost too tempting to resist. In fact it’s totally too much to resist for hundreds of thousands of businesses the world over who right now are running sites … Read more