Major Digital Trends to Watch For in 2020

New year, new decade, a new time to think about the latest digital marketing trends.  Consumer interests worldwide are evolving at record-pace. Now more than ever, the requirement for a business to remain dynamic with its approach to digital marketing is non-negotiable. You either stay one step ahead of the game or your fall into … Read more

Five Important Questions to Ask a Prospective SEO Service

Bringing a capable SEO service on board could turn out to be the best decision you ever make for your business. If the job’s done properly, you could soon be looking at the kind of exposure that generates spectacular traffic. Of course, this is all dependent on the experience, expertise and general approach adopted by … Read more

Seven Ways to Get More Value from Your Social Media Images

Here’s a question – what would social media be without fantastic images? The answer – painfully bland and boring. Quality pictures are inherently more impactful and memorable than any combination of words you could ever put together. Hence the reason why they form such an important aspect of a wider social media marketing package. Still, … Read more

Google’s Latest Algorithm Update Favours Diversity

Anyone who knows what it’s like to run an online business will have the same love-hate relationship with Google. Google holds the power to transform the performance and prosperity of any online business at any time. Nevertheless, it can also lay your business to waste, without so much as an apology. Hence, the online business … Read more

What Is Voice Search Optimised Copywriting?

Slowly but surely, voice search is taking over for a surprising proportion of consumers worldwide. In fact, research suggests that more than 40 million homes in the U.S. alone have already adopted voice assistants. Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are all making their mark on the way we do business online. But what … Read more

Study: Small Businesses Still Not Using SEO

You’d be forgiven for thinking that at this point in time, finding a business not actively investing in SEO would be borderline impossible. Particularly in the cases of businesses who rely on strong performance online to sustain whatever it is they do. Given Google’s continuous focus on local SEO as a recommended promotional strategy, the … Read more

Smarter Content Marketing – All Help, No Hype

Perhaps the single most important thing to remember when it comes to content marketing is this: Every single web user currently online globally is online for a reason. Far too many businesses assume that the average web user is online with absolutely no purpose in mind whatsoever. Simply drifting around with no specific intention or … Read more

Why SEO and PPC Campaigns Should Be Run Simultaneously

It’s common to come across debates regarding which of the two is better – SEO or Pay Per Click (PPC). In reality, you could do with bringing both of them into your wider marketing strategy.  But this still raises the question as to which of the two you should prioritise. For some, it’s a case of … Read more

The Ways Emotions Impact Online Marketing

Every type of online marketing is usually based upon some emotional influence. The reason is simple – if humans were 100% emotionless, we would only buy the things we absolutely need to survive. This in turn would mean there would be simply no need for advertising or marketing of any kind, as we would know … Read more

Are You Aiming for the Top Spot? Maybe You Should Rethink

If you are using SEO for your business, chances are you have the same goal as everyone else. That is, to climb to the top of the rankings to the first position. It is no secret that the higher the position, the more likely you will be to grab the lion’s share of traffic. With … Read more