Why Buying Website Traffic Is a Bad Idea

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All websites can benefit from a bit more traffic. Irrespective of how truly successful your business may be, more traffic is always better. After all, no business owner in their right mind would simply turn down the prospect of more sales.

With competition in all online sectors at an all-time high, companies worldwide are resorting to a variety of weird and wonderful methods to boost their web traffic. One of which is to buy web traffic in bulk.

On paper, it sounds like a simple method with obvious appeal. The business owner hands their cash over to a provider who in turn directs a predetermined number of visitors their way. It could 10,000, 100,000 or even 1,000,000 visitors – an easy, quick and affordable boost that can make an enormous difference.

Or so it seems.

But think of it this way – if it was indeed so effective and easy to buy traffic, wouldn’t all businesses be doing it? If it was possible to get all the web traffic one needs at an affordable price, why would anyone waste money on traditional marketing and advertising?

The short answer – it is not quite as easy as it seems. In reality, it is comparatively rare for buying traffic to ever be an advisable tactic.

The following four simple reasons explain why:

  1. No targeting

Firstly, there is nothing to gain by sending a huge bunch of completely untargeted traffic to your site. Sending thousands of visitors your way is well and good, but what if not even one of them has any real interest in what you do. Such prospects are about as much use as no prospects at all. That’s why, any web traffic you buy that is not carefully targeted might prove of zero value.

  1. Heavy search engine penalties

In most cases, those who offer bulk web traffic provide such services by way of automated online bots. The visitors coming your way are in fact no visitors at all, so to speak. At least, not the kind of human visitors of any value to your business. This means little to no positive impact and also the possibility of heavy search engine penalties. When the major search engines detect such methods, they are not in the habit of letting them unpunished.

  1. Big Scam Potential

This is an area of the online marketing spectrum that is rife with all kinds of scam tactics. Choose to work with a substandard service provider and the consequences for your business could be catastrophic.

  1. No guarantees

On top of all this, there are largely no guarantees that you will not be wasting every single penny of your investment. They might promise to deliver thousands of visitors, but there are simply no guarantees they will deliver even one. Also, if you are not happy with their services, there is nothing you can do about it.

If you’d like to drive more web traffic to your website, there are thousands of safer and more effective tactics to explore. Nonetheless, if you do go ahead and buy web traffic in bulk, you need to be particularly careful when choosing a service provider.



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