Business Website Secrets – What the Gurus Rarely Share

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Millions of people the world over spend their lives searching high and low for the secret to success online. Well here’s the bad news before going any further – the Holy Grail for small business success doesn’t exist…it never has and probably never will.

The reason being that when it comes to making a small online business a success, there are in fact multiple secrets to take heed of which when combined can indeed steer a site in the right direction. Some are of course more obvious than others, which is precisely what makes it so important to take stock of the whole lot of them and make sure you’re playing by the rules.    business-website-secrets–what-the-gurus-rarely-share

For example:

Guess What – It’s Not All About You!

Before taking a single step forward in online business, remind yourself who the website exists for. When a visitor lands on the website of any business, do you really think they give a damn about the owner’s success, income or reputation? Of course not – instead they’re there because they have a problem to solve or an itch to scratch. As such, it’s your job to provide the solution or answer they’re looking for and make sure they leave happy…your own interests really don’t come into it!

Look after them properly however and you’ll do pretty well for your efforts…it’s as simple as that!

Freebies Flatter

Some will tell you that offering freebies and incentives is a low-brow approach that constitutes begging customers to pay attention to you. Complete and total garbage – name a single one of the biggest companies on Earth that doesn’t use giveaways, competitions and other such promotions most of the year round? Admittedly, you can’t go as far as say Burger King or Coca-Cola, but it often takes just the smallest incentive to grease the wheels enough to get your visitors to take note.

Don’t Hide Negative Feedback

When handled in the correct manner, negative feedback can be more powerful and beneficial than glowing praise. The reason being that all businesses love to publish five-star feedback and positive comments, which in some cases ends up looking way too fabricated or doctored to possibly be real. By contrast, fairly few take the approach whereby negative comments are also published, but are also responded to and followed up until such a time as the disgruntled party is satisfied with the outcome.

Displaying this kind of commitment can establish any business as a cut above the rest.

Don’t Go OTT with Spiel and Tech Talk

Last up, you need to be aware of the importance of striking a balance between professionalism and universal ease of digestion. It’s hard to do, but the trick is to find a way of appealing to those with massive knowledge of your industry area as well as those that are only just coming across what you do for the very first time. Never run the risk of shunning vast swathes of your audience by going over the top with the complicated stuff.


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