How To Build a Memorable Online Brand

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Nowadays, simply having a website for your business is not enough. If you want your business to grow and develop, you will need to develop a successful online brand that speaks to your target audience. If you don’t do that, your online business is pretty much doomed – it’s as simple as that.

The question is – what can begin doing right now to create a memorable online brand that works?

And the simple answer is – there is quite a lot you can do, starting with any of the following seven tips:

  1. First up, you can’t expect it to be the kind of job that is basically going to cost no money at all. Whether it is investing in your marketing efforts or signing up with the professionals to help out, this is a great illustration of a scenario where you will need to spend money in order to be able to make money.
  2. Consider your brand’s overall mission and vision, in order to decide whether or not your online presence at the moment is appropriate. If it is not clearly obvious that all of your online assets convey the appropriate message, the necessary adjustments will have to be made.
  3. Similarly, it is very important to occasionally revisit all specifics of your target audience. You will need to ask yourself – do you really know who they are, what they usually respond to and what things turn them on and off? If you encounter any grey areas, you will need to get busy with the appropriate research to clear them up.
  4. Consider carefully what your brand’s overall value and unique selling points are. These need to be your primary areas of focus when building your online brand’s image. After all, these are the reasons why your target audience will eventually choose you over your rival brands.
  5. Make an effort to build a very cohesive image of your online brand with all visuals you use with your online assets. From your business logo to the colour fonts you use right down to the language you use, you’re looking to make it fundamentally obvious who you are, with no more than a single glance.
  6. Once you have the majority of your brand pieces in place, it is then a case of making an effort to spread the word. Building credibility and authority as an online brand means selling without selling. That being, using your customers, influencers and many others to sing your praises by way of product testimonials, reviews and so on. You can’t and will not be able to create a solid brand without their help.
  7. Blog like crazy. A pretty self-explanatory tip really, but creating a memorable and successful brand means building an honest, clear and consistent voice for the online brand at the same time. On-going blogging, tweets and social media posts are an excellent way of getting the job done.

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  1. As part of a team working on the Actonlytics eCommerce tool, we are trying different ways to increase our brand recognition and I really do like some of the tips you gave in the piece!

    Very good article!

    Keep it up.

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