From initial planning to strategic implementation to on-going optimisation Pivotal specialises in powerful brand establishment. Having worked successfully with hundreds of diverse brands on a global basis, we know exactly what it takes to build a brand that drives results. Backed by more than 140 years’ combined experience in all aspects of digital design and development, Pivotal has the expertise to make incredible things happen.

Based in the UK though serving brands worldwide, we specialise in transforming images, reputations and overall performance of new and existing companies alike. We make household names of newcomers, while transforming underperforming businesses into exciting, dynamic and successful brands. Through intensive research, brand development and targeted marketing, we create compelling identities that inspire and influence.

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Branding in Motion

Here at Pivotal, we firmly believe that nothing in the business world ever stands still. Instead, everything is in continual state of growth, expansion and evolution. Brands being no exception to the rule – evolution enabling brands to remain relevant as their respective audiences grow, shift and change. For a brand to remain strong and influential long-term, it requires careful nurturing and constant attention. A brand cannot be regarded as static and simply left to stagnate. Successful branding is all about continually watching your audience, identifying its expectations and ensuring your brand resonates with your customers from top to bottom.

Since the day we went into business, Pivotal has been transforming the performance of brands all over the world through a combination of intensive research, strategic marketing, comprehensive design consultancy, digital development and strategy implementation. Our exclusive team of innovative digital specialists brings unrivalled pride, passion and experience to every project we take on. We refuse to make promises we can’t keep and strive to outperform our competitors in every way.

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Growing Branding Complexities

Creating and optimising a successful brand is not only more complex than it has ever been, but also more important. In decades gone by, a company’s brand was defined as the combination of its name, logo, symbol and various other contributory elements. These elements allowed the brand to differentiate its services and products from those of rival businesses.

These days however, it isn’t quite so simple. When the average consumer encounters the word ‘brand’, they think about everything the company in question stands for and represents. Along with its visual image and identity, branding now extends to ethics, values, backstory, unique points of value and so much more besides.

What Should Your Brand Do?
Branding is no longer about simply providing your target audience with an effective means of identifying you. Instead, it’s about creating an all-encompassing professional image that tells your prospects that you are the only provider capable of satisfying their needs.

Roughly summarised, the primary objectives of an effective brand include:

  • Clear identification and delivery of your message
  • Confirmation of your credibility and value
  • Creation of an emotional connection between you and your customers
  • A sense of motivation to buy or believe in your business
  • The nurturing of loyalty among existing customers

In order to achieve any of the above, you first need to build a comprehensive understanding of the wants, needs and expectations of your customers. After all, you cannot expect to appeal to your target audience if you don’t first establish what it expects of you.

Which is precisely why Pivotal begins every branding strategy and solution by carrying out intensive market and audience research.

There are essentially three things your brand needs to communicate confidently to your target audience. The first being who you are, the second being the reason you exist and the third being how and why your prospects can and should relate to you as a brand. Easier said than done, but perfectly possible to achieve through a combination of intensive research and creative strategy development.

The strength and appeal of your brand will determine if and to what extent your company remains fixed in the hearts and minds of the clients, customers and prospects you target. It’s about not only attracting their interest and business in the first place, but nurturing their loyalty and on-going trust.

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The Importance of Branding
Your brand is the sum-total of everything you do, everything you stand for and everything you are as a brand. When establishing a new brand or furthering an existing brand, every move you make will be scrutinised to the finest detail. In a sense, your brand represents the promise you make to each and every customer, with respect to what they can expect from you and what sets you apart from the competition. Meaning that if you stray from your promise at any time, you risk falling out of favour with your target audience.

From your primary website to all other digital assets to print materials to content to the very customer service you provide, everything plays a role in determining your brand identity. What’s more, your approach to marketing will also have a significant impact on the strength and consistency of your brand image. Marketing and branding go hand in hand and must be combined strategically for maximum effectiveness.

Here at Pivotal, we specialise in the provision of 100% bespoke branding and marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether looking to get a new business off the ground for the first time or significantly improve the performance of an existing enterprise, we can help. We strive to make the complexities of professional branding as simple and streamlined as possible, while at the same time minimising costs. If you’d like to learn more about any of our professional branding services, reach out to a member of the Pivotal customer service team today.

A Basic Brand Evaluation
Exactly how strong and influential do you believe your current brand is? Can you confidently say that the brand you have built represents an accurate reflection of your business and appeals to the expectations of your target audience?

Ask yourself the following questions to gain a better idea of your current brand’s strength:

  • Does your brand resonate with the desires and culture of your target audience?
  • Will your prospects immediately ‘get’ what you are all about upon encountering your brand for the first time?
  • Does your brand effectively communicate your unique points of appeal?
  • Do you make a series of clear and appealing promises through your branding?
  • Does your brand accurately reflect your ethics, values and priorities as a business?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, chances are you could benefit from our professional branding services. By carrying out an extensive audit of your current position and performance, we can pinpoint key focus areas and ensure your brand speaks volumes for your business.

Your Tried and Trusted Branding Agency
As a uniquely talented and experienced branding agency with a flawless reputation, Pivotal specialises in the creation, development, maintenance and improvement of brands. Through a combination of technological expertise, creative excellence and innovative thinking, we can excel where other branding agencies would be unable to perform. What’s more, we work hard to develop the strongest possible understanding of your business from its very core. Which in turn allows us to approach the branding process from a uniquely informed and inspired perspective.

Our Commitment to You
We prefer to think of ourselves not as a third-party service provider, but as an additional department working at the heart of your organisation. We see it as our responsibility to create, develop, execute, manage, measure and optimise your branding strategy with the same care and focus as if it was our own. Our deep integration within your organisation enables us to build a comprehensive picture of your values, objectives, promises and unique selling points. Each of which plays a critically important role in the establishment and optimisation of your brand. What’s more, we also carry out a comprehensive process of competitor and market research, in order to identify every available opportunity for furthering your reach and appeal.

Bespoke Brand Strategy and Brand Identity Development
As a comprehensive branding specialist, we provide an extensive range of essential services for every size and type of business. Just a few examples of our most important and popular areas of specialism include:

  • Brand architecture and portfolio
  • Brand naming
  • Research and analytics
  • Brand identity development
  • Brand positioning
  • Logo design
  • Internal branding
  • Brand strategy and management
  • Brand guidelines
  • Comprehensive rebranding
  • Packaging design and redesign

Each of the services we offer can be provided independently or in conjunction with any of our other services. We take pride in offering 100% bespoke and fully flexible branding solutions, created in direct accordance with the requirements, expectations and available budgets of our customers. Backed by more than 140 years’ of experience in the provision of superior digital services, the Pivotal knows what it takes to make incredible things happen.

The Importance of a Branding Agency
It’s important to remember that just because nobody knows your business better than you do, this doesn’t necessarily make you the ideal candidate for the establishment and optimisation of your brand. The reason being that what speaks volumes to you personally may not resonate with your primary target audience. The idea with branding being that your message reaches and appeals to an extensive audience – a brand that appeals to you and you alone may have little to no value.

Working with a branding agency means bringing in a fresh and impartial pair of eyes to examine your business, your performance, your objectives and your target audience from an entirely new perspective. As a business owner or manager, it is often impossible to view important matters like branding objectively. If looking to gain a competitive advantage for the long-term, you need an effective, robust and reliable branding strategy you can count on. Hence, you need a team of experienced branding professionals in your corner.

If looking to put branding to work for the benefit of your business, we’d love to hear from you. Pivotal brings proven pride, passion and professionalism to each and every project we take on. We specialise in exceeding expectations and guarantee the best possible ROI – whatever your marketing budget may be.

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