Boosting Your Blog’s Reach and Appeal – Pure Gold for Business

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Web design gurus have been banging on about the power and importance of blogs for years. However, it’s only as of late that folk have really started to take note. More people than ever before are making small fortunes with their personal blogs, highlighting just how powerful these seemingly simple tools can be in the right hands.

From a business perspective, a blog can be a nugget of pure gold. Not only is a winning blog the perfect way of keeping an audience continually interested in your site and involved in your conversation, but it also satisfies so many of the things Google and Co. are looking for when choosing which sites rank where. Get a blog right and you’re golden, but with millions of the things doing the rounds already, what chance does any specific business have of standing head and shoulders above the rest?  boosting-your-blog-reach-and-appeal–pure-gold-for-business

Well, the simple answer is a very genuine chance indeed – it all comes down to how the blog is handled. The thing to understand right from the get-go is that blogging is neither a quick-fix nor an easy job in any way shape or form. You’ll always get out what you put in, but if you’re genuinely willing to give your blog your all, the rewards could be huge.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the most important tips of all for boosting your blogs appeal and ideally getting its good name to spread far and wide:

1 – Dedication

First and foremost, the importance of tireless dedication cannot be overstated. This means not only hard work, but also consistency at the same time. If you update your blog like clockwork every day of the week, chances are you’ll end up with plenty of folk coming back at the same time day after day. If on the other hand you post three entries Monday, one Thursday then another five weeks later, your readers and Google alike won’t be too won over by your clear lack of dedication.

2 – Forget Token Entries

In the same vein as the above, don’t ever think you’ll get away with posting token entries that mean nothing at all, just for the sake of filling the gaps. Entries of no value or poor quality will actually do your reputation more damage than writing nothing at all, so unless you have something of value to share, keep your mouth shut!

3 – Invite Guests, Don’t Rely on Them

Guest posts can be pure gold for a blog, adding a new voice, a new perspective and all manner of fresh ideas. However, not only do you need to be selective when it comes to the quality of guest posts to publish, you also need to avoid becoming too reliant on them. Even if your guest contributors seem to be doing a better job than you, it’s you that’s trying to build a reputation here, not boost the credibility of everyone else!

4 – Balance Content

Blogs that feature nothing but unbroken text are dull and boring, while those that are basically non-stop images and movie clips seldom curry any real favour. By contrast…and it’s important to tailor things in accordance with your niche…varied content with an ideal balance works wonders.

5 – Link to Other Sites of Interest

And finally, you might think that posting plenty of links to other sites will be bad for your business, but it’s important to realise that the more you help your peers and followers, the more they’ll repay your kindness. So if there’s something out there you really think your readers will be interested in, show them the way!


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