How to Boost Your YouTube Subscriber Audience

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For once, we’ve decided against reiterating just how powerful, valuable and influential video marketing can be. Instead, we thought we’d focus on building your audience instead.

If your business has an active YouTube account, it only makes sense to use it to its maximum potential. Nevertheless, it can be somewhat soul destroying when you put your heart and soul into the videos you create, only to chalk up the tiniest handful of views and even fewer likes.

 The question being – how can you effectively boost your YouTube subscriber audience, without having to spend a fortune in the process?

  1. Use Searchable Titles
    Well, first of all you need to make your videos as easy to find as possible in the first place. When coming up with the titles for your videos, enter a few of the words you are considering into the search bar and find out what it is that YouTube users are looking for right now. This should help you come up with titles that not only make your videos easier to find, but also give you a good idea as to what kind of content is proving popular at the moment.
  2. Write a Good Script
    Never attempt to curry favour on YouTube by throwing out low-grade videos with poor-quality scripts, just for the sake of it. If it somehow slipped your attention, quality standards in terms of marketing materials and YouTube videos these days are higher than ever. As such, anything that doesn’t come across as polished and professional simply isn’t going to be taken seriously. Plan carefully, write a good script and only ever post if you have something worth posting.
  3. Post Consistently
    That said, you cannot expect to build your subscriber audience if you have a habit of posting on a completely random basis. People subscribe to YouTube channels for the sole purpose of keeping in touch with their creators and their latest videos. If videos aren’t published on a regular basis, exactly what’s to gain by subscribing and staying tuned? The answer is of course, nothing at all. So if you really want a dedicated YouTube audience, you need to give them a reason to keep coming back.
  4. Deliver Your Point Immediately
    Extensive studies into the way YouTube is used and interpreted these days found that you only have 8 seconds to get your point across. The initial 8 seconds of any video are the most important by far and must be used to communicate the most vital information in your video. If not, you run the risk of losing not only the interest of the viewer, but the likelihood of them bothering to come back once more. Your videos can be every bit as long as they need to be, but you still need to make sure that you communicate your key message as early on as possible.
  5. Keep It Short
    Last but not least, while it might be contradicting the above statement entirely, shorter videos generally tend to be the most effective. While there’s a time, a place and indeed an audience for longer videos, the overwhelming majority of web users in general respond more favourably to shorter videos. Which means that if there is the option of keeping your videos to a more concise length, it is definitely something you should be doing.




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