Best Web Hosting Deals

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One of the most difficult things on-line is finding the best deal for website hosting and the cheapest domain name. You wan’t to find great deals which offer cheap reliable and fast web space you can count on, but you also have to make sure your web hosting provider has the best customer service and uptime.

You may also be looking for green hosting, or in Pivotal’s case ethical hosting (chosting). You can even get niche on your website host service and choose a specific energy type to run your server, such as solar power, which we hope to one day provide. Generally with these special website hosts the prices become higher as they are less profitable and run by smaller web companies.

Large companies such as GoDaddy, NetFirms and FastHosts have the clout to provide a good overall, profit driven service with all of the usual fringe benefits to using a large, well known domain registrar and established website host. Smaller companies however, need to be able to compete, and that is worth bearing that in mind when asking yourself “Who do I host my site with?”. Before launching Pivotal hosting, we were customers of lots of these large firms and had both good and bad experiences. Overall though website hosting seemed to be aimed far too much at profit than anything else, and that’s where Pivotal Chosting or Pivotal Charitable Hosting came into fruition. Our sole aim from day one of conception has been to provide philanthropic website hosting and cheap domain registration service. We realised there was nothing like this in the market, and as we are not driven by profit, we don’t mind mind making as less per client. We want to offer quality to the quantity!

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