How to Succeed as a ‘Challenger’ Brand

Don’t misconstrue – challenger brands have been around since the dawn of time. It’s just that somebody somewhere decided to give the classic ‘underdog’ business a more modern handle.  If you operate any kind of business that’s up against bigger and more successful competition, you officially qualify as a challenger brand. Technically speaking therefore, pretty … Read more

6 Reasons to Add Podcasts to Your Content Marketing Strategy

With countless types of content to choose from, it’s common to overlook podcasts. Or for that matter, view them as a little on the old-fashioned side.  The thing is though, strategic use of podcasts can bring the most incredible value to a wider content marketing strategy. Something truly unique that isn’t delivered by anything else … Read more

Why Now Could Be the Time to Start Your Online Business

Attempting to find even the faintest silver lining in the whole Covid-19 crisis is a largely fruitless endeavour. Painting accurate long-term picture of what’s to come is far from easy, but one outright inevitability is ongoing insecurity for workers and businesses.  Across Europe as a whole, it’s estimated that approximately 59 million are at risk … Read more

Still Not Taking Social Signals Seriously?

For reasons that are wholly regrettable, 2020 looks set to permanently alter the way the world does business. Covid-19 has impacted our lives in ways none of us could have imagined, plunging an estimated 4 billion people worldwide into some form of lockdown. The result of which was and is a dramatic increase in global … Read more

Seven Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing (and Five Errors to Avoid)

Once considered an optional addition to a wider digital strategy, social media marketing is now a compulsory prerequisite. At least, for marketers looking to reach the world’s largest audience of connected consumers and generate a potentially huge ROI.  The sheer size and complexity of the social media landscape can make it difficult to know where … Read more

These Are the Only Email Marketing Metrics You Need

Here’s a question – how many email marketing metrics do you think you should be tracking? A dozen? Maybe a hundred? The answer – four…just four main metrics.  According to a recent report from the DMA, a good email marketing strategy can deliver a $38 return for every $1 invested. That’s an ROI of 3,800% … Read more

Six Reasons to Invest More in Email Marketing This Year

The imminent death of email marketing has been predicted and proclaimed for some time. Typically by those who seem to overlook the facts. When you closely examine the facts and figures from a 2020 perspective, you quickly realise it’s not quite dead and buried yet. In fact, there’s a hell of a lot of life … Read more

Major Digital Trends to Watch For in 2020

New year, new decade, a new time to think about the latest digital marketing trends.  Consumer interests worldwide are evolving at record-pace. Now more than ever, the requirement for a business to remain dynamic with its approach to digital marketing is non-negotiable. You either stay one step ahead of the game or your fall into … Read more

Small Business Blogging: Maximising the Value of Every Post

The primary goals of almost every small business owner are to generate more sales and make more money. Small business blogging can assist with both of these objectives, but must nonetheless be approached strategically. Unfortunately, far too many SMBs approach small business blogging as something of an administrative ‘box to tick’. Roughly translated, they don’t … Read more