Are You Aiming for the Top Spot? Maybe You Should Rethink

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If you are using SEO for your business, chances are you have the same goal as everyone else. That is, to climb to the top of the rankings to the first position.

It is no secret that the higher the position, the more likely you will be to grab the lion’s share of traffic. With nearly three-quarters of online users now refusing to search beyond the first page, this indeed is the place to be.

But what if we told you that striving for the top spot is not always the best option on the table? What can be more important than fighting tooth and nail to climb to that crucial number one spot?

Especially if this is the main goal of your online marketing strategy, it might be time for a rethink…and here is why:

It May Be Impossible 

Firstly, actually reaching the number-one spot might be impossible. There is every chance that no matter what your niche and specialism, you will always be outnumbered by a bigger rival company. If their online marketing spend is 100x yours, you cannot expect even all the strategy in the world to provide you the upper hand. You can be throwing every penny you have at your ranking performance, but it could not be enough. Unpleasant as it might be, it is sometimes inevitable to accept the top position for certain keywords is entirely out of reach.

SEO Could Be Unpredictable

A solid SEO campaign needs to be all about strategic performance and measurable results. The modern SEO landscape is too unpredictable to have a too specific and stubborn goal in mind. You can spend more than you could afford to boost your SEO campaign, you then finally hit the top spot only to then watch Google change its algorithm and place you back to your prior seventh position. If you can reach a good spot and hold onto it, you’re golden.

Position Zero Could Be Better

The curious thing about position zero is that not only is it better, it is also much more achievable. Take a look at a few position-zero sites and you will see relatively few of the biggest businesses out there. If you could offer something that answers being asked, you have every chance of hitting the prestigious beyond-top-position. Top-tens, lists, detailed snippets – all fantastic for attracting readers. If you’re planning on reaching the top spot, try prioritising position zero instead.

Hedge Your Bets

Last but not least, trying to hit the top position for one specific search term inevitably means investing heavily in this one keyword. Meanwhile, search keywords and terms of great value can be denied your attention and effort. You might dominate the rankings with this specific term of interest, but what about the rest? What happens if you end up on page three for some other major search terms and keywords? Rather than trying to earn the top spot for just one or two keywords, consider hedging your bets with a much more widespread approach to your online marketing strategy.

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