Another Roundup of Key Digital Marketing Statistics

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It’s that time of the month again when we share a handful of our favourite digital marketing statistics from the UK and beyond.

This instalment, there’s a handful of select nuggets from the world of voice search, social media and conservation. Some of which you may find enlightening, maybe even relevant for your own digital efforts.

A Third of Smart Speaker Users Don’t Realise They’re Being Recorded 

First in our list of digital marketing statistics, a word on smart speakers. The past year in particular has brought about an explosion in the popularity of smart speakers. Particularly in the United States, where millions of homes have already adopted smart speaker technology. However, a new survey carried out by a YouGov revealed that 37% of smart speaker users don’t realise their conversations are recorded and stored in the cloud.

This, despite a high-profile report on the subject from the BBC last week. It was revealed that Amazon, Apple and Google all have teams assigned to studying recordings from voice assistants and smart speakers. More alarmingly, 57% of smart speaker users believe there’s no way of being identified/tracked-down when interacting with the web this way. 

Digital Advertising in Europe Grew 13.9% in 2018

On a slightly more general note, the total value of digital advertising for Europe in 2018 increased 13.9%. Thereby hitting a new high of €55.1 bn. The results of a new study from IAB suggest the fastest annual growth in almost a decade.

The lion’s share of revenues was, as usual, contributed by search – a market value of €25bn. Perhaps the least surprising of the digital marketing statistics in this rundown. 

Marketers Are Rallying Around Instagram Stories

Despite having been introduced relatively recently, 57% of brands believe Instagram stories have had a positive impact on their social media marketing strategies. That’s according to the ‘State of Social 2019’ report by Buffer. The report also suggests that more than 70% of companies are still failing to use messaging apps for marketing purposes. 

53% of Consumers Will Spend More with a Trusted Retailer 

Although this comes as no real surprise, it’s more than worthy of a mention.  The latest report from Yes Marketing suggests that just over half of all consumers are happy to pay more for the same product, if it means shopping with a retailer they trust. 

Primary motivators of consumer loyalty include the quality/value ratio of the products on offer (41% of respondents, along with consistently low/fair prices in general (35% of respondents) 

Once again, added incentives like free delivery were found to strongly influence purchase likelihood and loyalty in most consumers. 

58% of Consumers Are Happy to Buy Products Internationally

Next in our roundup of digital marketing statistics, a key finding from Rakuten Marketing. Globalisation appears to be having a huge impact on consumer spending habits. In fact, 58% of more than 3,500 consumers surveyed said they’d happily buy products from international brands they become aware of. 

Consumers from the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Singapore and the USA were polled by Rakuten. Of which, 67% of the 18-34 age group expressed an interest in purchasing products internationally. Interestingly, a huge 99% of consumers in Singapore said they had already purchased products from overseas brands and sellers. 

74% of Consumers Want Fashion Brands to Reduce Packaging

Last in our list of digital marketing statistics for this week, an interesting eco-finding. An online study commissioned by Nosto suggests that the vast majority of consumers in Britain and North America want the fashion industry to curb unnecessary packaging. 50% of respondents also stated they would be more likely to buy clothes from brands that are committed to eco concerns.

In addition, 57% indicated their growing intention to hold on to clothes for longer after buying them, purely for environmental purposes. 71% stating that they would like fashion companies to make more durable and longer-lasting clothes. 

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