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Pivotal is proud to offer the web’s most dynamic, innovative and capable digital design and development services. Backed by more than 140 years’ combined experience, we bring unrivalled expertise and proven passion to every project we take on. We take enormous pride in adopting a flexible, creative and agile approach to everything we do. Since the day we went into business, we’ve let the results we deliver do the talking, earning the full recommendation of hundreds of satisfied customers along the way.

Quite simply, we know what it takes to transform any website or business into a truly competitive and successful enterprise. We’ll stop at nothing to take you from where you are now to wherever it is you want to be.

If looking to work with the kind of agile agency that delivers measurable results you can count on, look no further than Pivotal!

Our Agile Approach to Web Design and Development


Chances are, you’ve seen the word ‘agile’ being thrown around by the vast majority of web design and development companies currently in business. But have you ever stopped to consider what it actually means?

In truth, agile can have an entirely different meaning from one person and business to the next. It is roughly defined as a method of project management characterised by tasks being divided into short, dynamic phases of work, allowing for the on-going reassessment, adaptation and optimisation of plans. Or in other words, it is an approach that focuses on building and delivering results incrementally from start to finish, rather than attempting to deliver one ‘lump-sum’ result at the end.

What makes the agile approach to web design and development important is the way in which it mirrors the very nature of online business. For example, during the design and development process of a new ecommerce enterprise, a shift in consumer behaviour or market patterns in general could radically alter the effectiveness of one or more elements of the initial design proposal. Should the initial design be implemented regardless, the resulting ecommerce website may not be fully effective.

With an agile approach, every aspect of every project is continuously reconsidered and analysed along the way, so as to both develop and deliver the strongest possible final result. Not only does an agile approach to web design and development lead to better results, it is also critical for helping digital agencies continuously enhance and improve their operational processes.

Here at Pivotal, we are strong believers in the importance of adopting an agile approach to absolutely everything we do. We take nothing for granted and are comprehensively committed to continuous improvement and evolution. Unlike others, we put our money where our mouth is by communicating exactly what it means to us to operate as an agile agency.

No rules or standards set in stone
Pivotal offers nothing but 100% bespoke, fully tailored service solutions for each and every client. Since the day we went into business, we’ve accepted and acknowledged the fact that there is no ‘one true way’ of getting the job done and nor are any two organisations the same. Which is why we refuse to follow a rule book or set of standard processes, regardless of the requirements or nature of the project.

Focus on continuous improvement and evolution
We approach each and every project we take on as a unique and incredibly valuable opportunity to grow and evolve. Pivotal is comprehensively dedicated to continuous improvement and evolution, which is why we thrive on challenge and refuse to back down. We accept that there is no such thing as a flawless digital design and development agency, instead focusing on becoming the best we can be.

Qualitative and quantitative measurement
It’s often said that quality matters more than quantity, but the truth is that both are interdependent. Numbers are important, but so too are some of the softer measures that can be of equal or greater value. Reputation, customer satisfaction, engagement, loyalty and so on – all just as important as the quantitative figures used to define the success of a business or a project.

Question everything…literally
As there’s technically no such thing as a 100% flawless result, there’s always room for improvement. Which also means that those who do not continually ask “how could we be doing things better?” are clearly satisfied with second best. Here at Pivotal, our culture is one of continually questioning everything we do, every result we achieve and every expectation/goal our customers bring to us. The way we see it, the only way to continually improve everything we do is to continuously focus on what could be changed for the better.

Strategic sectioning
The only way to deliver a final result of the most exceptional quality is to first break it down into its component parts. After which, each component must be provided with the necessary time, effort and priority to ensure the best possible result. One of the hallmarks of a truly agile agency is the unwillingness to allow any link in the chain whatsoever to be weaker than any other. Should this be allowed to happen, it is inevitable that the overall result will be compromised to one extent or another.

Controlled workload
One of the biggest mistakes made by many agencies which may consider themselves to be ‘agile’ is that of allowing their workload to get out of control. The simple fact of the matter is that the moment your workload begins exceeding your capacity, your ability to give 100% diminishes. It’s a simple case of mathematics – it is fundamentally impossible to give more than 100%, meaning that a workload which exceeds 100% of your capacity results in substandard performance. DSS Kiss refuses to accept any project for which we cannot guarantee 100% of our commitment and priority.

So whatever it is the term ‘agile’ refers to for you, this is what it means to be an agile agency as far as Pivotal is concerned. We’re are proud to adopt the most dynamic, flexible and forward-thinking attitude, bringing proven pride and passion to every project we take on.

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