6 Reasons to Add Podcasts to Your Content Marketing Strategy

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With countless types of content to choose from, it’s common to overlook podcasts. Or for that matter, view them as a little on the old-fashioned side. 

The thing is though, strategic use of podcasts can bring the most incredible value to a wider content marketing strategy. Something truly unique that isn’t delivered by anything else you can provide your customers with. 

Still not convinced? Here’s a brief rundown of six reasons why you might want to add podcasts to your content marketing strategy:

1. It’s convenient to consume

First and foremost, audio represents one of the easiest and most convenient types of media/content to consume. You don’t need a screen, it’s 100% hands-free, can be consumed on-the-go and so on. From driving to walking to simply playing in the background while focusing on other duties, podcasts are uniquely convenient. What’s more, audio content can be great for driving messages home and making them stick. 

2. They can increase your reach 

If you make your audio content available on leading platforms like iTunes, you open up your messages to literally millions more people on a global basis. You never know who might stumble over your content and your business who may have never found you, were it not for your podcasts. 

3. Podcasts are inexpensive and quick to produce

Largely due to advances in desktop and mobile technology alike, it is now perfectly possible to record a high-quality podcast in no time at all and for practically zero expense. Armed with a decent microphone and a good script, it’s simply a case of having a representative of your business lay down the required speech and adding whatever music or effects you choose. So much quicker and easier than most other types of content marketing. 

4. It gives you the opportunity to interview others 

Bringing experts into the equation can be a great way of adding authority and value to your content. Not to mention, additional voices so as to bring a little variety into the mix. While this may be possible through written content or video, not only is it easier to organise audio interviews, but their comments in general will sound so much more convincing when presented directly from their own mouths. You’re not simply quoting the experts – you’re presenting their comments and quotes directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. 

5. Differentiate yourself from your rivals 

Offering podcasts can be a great way of standing out from the crowd, by providing your target audience with something a little different. The key to getting ahead often lying in doing something that isn’t already being done to death elsewhere. As comparatively few businesses bring podcasts into their wider content marketing strategies, those that do often benefit from a real edge. 

6. Build trust with your audience.

Last but not least, engaging and establishing trust with your target audience is all about getting your voice heard and delivering the right message. Which is never more effective or powerful as when delivered in your own words and your own voice. A unique opportunity to speak to your customers directly, which makes for a far more personal and engaging experience than most other types of content. 

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