Which Search is Best for eCommerce?

Experience counts for everything, and that goes equally for the user experience as for any other connotation of the word. For the eCommerce business hoping to thrive, an effective search function acts as a critical cornerstone of any website. Choosing wisely equips your site with a powerful tool to boost conversion rates and draw greater … Read more

Key Digital Marketing Stats from Last Week

It’s time for another roundup of interesting and important digital marketing statistics from the past couple of days. From mobile commerce to voice assistants to customer service, it’s been another revealing fortnight for digital marketers once again. Most consumers would use digital assistants to buy products While it may have taken the consumer public some … Read more

Millennial Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

While some marketers view millennials as a golden opportunity for capitalisation, others see them as no less than a nightmare. Irrespective of personal opinions however, millennials are here to stay. What’s more, future generations are expected to not only inherit their character traits and behaviours as consumers, but also intensify them many times over. All … Read more

Five Reasons to Get into A/B Testing

Striving for continuous improvement as a business owner means near-constant experimentation. The longer you allow your business to ‘coast’ along, the greater the chance it will begin to stagnate.  From boosting traffic to improving conversion rates to maximising engagement to increasing the average spend of every customer, there’s a lot to focus on as a … Read more

The Three Most Important Rules for Successful eCommerce

Every successful business owner would probably give you their own golden rules for making it in eCommerce. Suffice to say, some of which would be more useful and relevant than others. Still, irrespective of the type of business you intend to establish, there are certain standards you need to address to succeed. So whether you’re … Read more

Putting Checkout Abandonment Back in Check

Irrespective of the size and nature of the business, checkout abandonment is a real headache. On one hand, you can’t expect all (or even most) would-be customers to go through with their purchases. On the other, taking a passive approach means denying yourself potentially huge improvements.  Just because the average checkout abandonment rate is around … Read more