Google’s Latest Algorithm Update Favours Diversity

Anyone who knows what it’s like to run an online business will have the same love-hate relationship with Google. Google holds the power to transform the performance and prosperity of any online business at any time. Nevertheless, it can also lay your business to waste, without so much as an apology. Hence, the online business … Read more

Three Ways Content Marketing Benefits Ecommerce Businesses

An effective content marketing strategy can benefit almost any business of any size. Nevertheless, ecommerce businesses in particular stand to benefit enormously from strategic content marketing. By investing in the production and publishing of quality content for your ecommerce business, you stand to drive improved performance in three essential areas: Better Organic Rankings Right off … Read more

Three Ways You’re Terminally Annoying Your Customers

It really doesn’t matter how fantastic your products or services are. In fact, nor does it matter if you’re offering them for a lower price than your rivals. If you make the mistake of annoying the living daylights out of your potential customers, you can forget about succeeding. You shouldn’t need to be told that … Read more

Actionable Tips for Higher-Performance Copywriting

Successful copywriting is a concept relative to the intentions of its creator. The objective of any given piece of copy could be to inform, entertain, surprise, shock or simply sell more products. If it achieves its objectives, it’s a successful piece of copy.  But while the objectives of copywriting differ from one business and creator … Read more

How To Start A Blog THE RIGHT WAY

Starting a blog as something of a side-project for your existing business is all well and good. But what if you want to build a blog that becomes a successful business in its own right? What are the first steps on the road to becoming the next blogging superstar? Just to get one thing out … Read more