More Digital Marketing Stats You Need to Know

Once again, the time has come to share with our loyal fans and followers a few interesting facts and figures from the world of digital marketing. So sit back, relax and enjoy our latest roundup of key findings from leading research groups worldwide. Mobile payments continue to rise First up, data from the Global Web … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Need Paid Social in Your Digital Strategy

Chances are that if you’re active on social media, you’ve frequently come across the word ‘promoted’ or ‘sponsored’ alongside something or other.  If so, you’ve seen paid social doing its business. Right now, more businesses of all sizes than ever before are bringing paid social into their wider digital strategies. The power and influence of social … Read more

Why SEO and PPC Campaigns Should Be Run Simultaneously

It’s common to come across debates regarding which of the two is better – SEO or PPC. In reality, you could do with bringing both of them into your wider marketing strategy.  But this still raises the question as to which of the two you should prioritise. For some, it’s a case of getting an SEO … Read more

The Ways Emotions Impact Online Marketing

Every type of online marketing is usually based upon some emotional influence. The reason is simple – if humans were 100% emotionless, we would only buy the things we absolutely need to survive. This in turn would mean there would be simply no need for advertising or marketing of any kind, as we would know … Read more

How to Make the Magic of Magazines Work for Your Webpage

Most experts are not actually convinced that magazines will be around for much longer. Print journalism might have millions of truly dedicated fans right now, but sooner or later this will probably not be the case. Particularly as the younger generation continues to shun any kind of printed media left, right and centre. But what … Read more

Why Your Email Newsletters Are Failing

It is one of the catch-22 situations for most modern businesses. You personally despise email newsletters and do your very best to keep inbox clear. Nonetheless, you also realise the potential value and power of email newsletters from a marketing point of view.  The question is – what could you do to turn things around … Read more

Easy Ways to Encourage More Reviews

Why do you need to care whether or not your customers leave any reviews? For one thing, nearly 85% of people view online reviews as having the same value as personal recommendations. What is more, average sales are 30% higher with businesses that offer plenty of customer reviews. More sales and greater authority in your … Read more

6 Tricks to Grab the Attention of Your Visitors

One of the most important things to take into account when designing a website is exactly how you are going to grab the attention of your visitors. These days, killer web design is about far more than creating and delivering a generally solid user experience. Instead, you need to be able to both woo and … Read more