The Key Features Every Mobile Travel Site Needs

Booking holidays and making travel plans via mobile devices has become less a niche alternative and more the exclusive standard for millions. The appeal of being able to book even the most far flung and complicated journeys with just a few touches on a tiny screen is huge to say the least. But at the … Read more

Creating eCommerce Coupons that Really Work

All the killer site design and elite web maintenance in the world cannot rival a good deal or discount. Businesses like Groupon have comprehensively illustrated just how powerful and influential the right coupons can be, when provided for the right things at the right time and to the right people. Online discount coupons have become … Read more

Inventory and SEO Performance – More Inter-Connected Than You Might Think

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you e-commerce merchandising strategy wouldn’t have the biggest impact on your site’s SEO performance. But you’d also be wrong. When looking to optimise the performance of your e-commerce business, a solid merchandising strategy has multi-faceted benefits that extend far beyond the obvious. The following examples may be routinely overlooked, … Read more

How to Deal with a Full-Blown PR Crisis

These days, encountering a full-blown PR crisis is anything but a rare occurrence. Given the nature of the Internet and consumer habits in general, it takes little more than one item of particular negative feedback to send your reputation into a downward spiral. The problem being that when this happens, far too many small businesses … Read more

Ship Free or Die Hard…Ecommerce Rule Number One

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New Web Marketing Statistic from March 2018

Once again, we’ve decided to share around a roundup of some of our favourite facts and figures from the past couple of weeks. So sit back, relax and enjoy a generous dose of web marketing statistics you’ll hopefully find both interesting and insightful: Marketers say 26% of their budget will be wasted in 2018 First … Read more

Working Backwards: The Key to Successful Ecommerce

It’s one of the truest and most relevant things Steve Jobs ever said: “you have to start with the customer experience and work backwards towards the technology”. In terms of what exactly he meant by this, it’s basically a more intensive and comprehensive methodology of customer-focused operations. Or to put it another way, instead of … Read more

Are Your Small Business Bounce Rates Too High?

When the average consumer visits a small business online, they rarely leave with a neutral opinion. More often than not, they leave impressed, satisfied and with the intention of returning, or the exact opposite. As such, small business owners would be wise to pay close attention to what the customers expect and demand. If your … Read more

10 Ways to Build Your Online Rep Starting Right Now

Reputation management often comes across as one of the most epic tasks an online business can face. The most important question being that of where to get started, if looking to get yourself from where you are now to where you want to be? As for the answer…well, you basically have two options available. One … Read more

Why Duplicate Content Is Bad for Your Website

Here’s an interesting fact you may not be aware of – your website will in fact not be punished by Google, simply for featuring duplicate content. It’s a matter of widespread misunderstanding, which stems from the fact that duplicate content can certainly harm your SEO strategy. In reality, it’s simply a case of duplicate content … Read more