Four Voice Search Statistics Every Marketer Needs to Know

Even if you don’t currently use voice search in any way, shape or form, chances are your customers do. That’s perhaps the single most important lesson every business could do with learning right now. From Alexa to Siri to Google Now and so on, voice assistants and search facilities are no longer niche toys for … Read more

Why You MUST Back Up Your Website Regularly

It’s amazing how many businesses invest so heavily in their websites, yet completely overlook the importance of backing up. The problem with website backups is that they are precisely the kind of thing you do not fully appreciate until you desperately need them. By which time, it’s not as if you can go back in … Read more

The Five Most Important Mobile Design Best Practices

If you only memorise one statistic about mobile Internet use, it should be this: As things stand right now, approximately 93% of all Internet users access the web via their mobile devices, every single day. Which equates to somewhere in the region of 3.5 billion people worldwide. By now, you probably don’t need us to … Read more