PPC Landing Pages – Learning From the Best

A recent statistic that’s been circulating the PPC community for a while now states that for each $92 invested in boosting traffic, no more than $1 is invested in conversion rate optimisation. Which when you think about it really doesn’t make any sense at all – why bother pulling thousands of customers toward your business … Read more

Using Life Lessons to Build Successful Marketing Strategies

The trouble with life lessons is the way in which they usually only tend to be considered in hindsight. Or in other words, you learn a lesson the hard way (or any way at all) just a moment when it is too late to do anything about the event or result in question. The thing … Read more

Transform Your WordPress Sidebar in 10 Minutes

As functional as it may be, your WordPress site’s sidebar is also one of the most important of the entire site. But if you were to be honest, chances are you haven’t really given a great deal of thought to your sidebar at all as of late…if ever. Sidebars serve a variety of helpful purposes … Read more