Choosing a Hosting Package – What Not to Do

Each and every day, the web gets flooded with a million and one complaints from those that have signed up for a year-long hosting package and realised by day three that they made a big, big mistake. Sadly, in about 99% of such cases the fault is that of the disgruntled party and really they … Read more

SEO Outsourcing – The Earlier, the Better

The plain and simple fact about SEO outsourcing is the earlier you get to it, the better. Even in the early days of a business it’s important to get things moving on the right foot, which of course means taking care of all necessary marketing efforts to help spread the good word of what’s on … Read more

Forbes’ Five Stupidest SEO Mistakes – How Many Are You Making?

Forbes has once again decided to delve into the subject of SEO in order to shed light on what it’s cheerfully calling the ‘stupidest’ mistakes you can and possibly do make from time to time. Having identified the rather congested nature of the instructional side of the SEO literature market, the business gurus went ahead … Read more

Ecommerce Customer Data Collection – Getting it Right

In order to be successful as an Ecommerce business owner, you will at some point have to collect a decent amount of data from your shoppers for analytical purposes. Your web analytics are good for simple stats and figures, but for the really meaty stuff you need to reach out to your shoppers for more … Read more