The Five Rules for Quality Link Building

In the SEO landscape as a whole it would probably be fair to say that link building really is as old as the hills. Ever since the power of Google and Co. was realised quite a few years back, SEO professionals the world over have been using the power of the backlinks to drum up … Read more

Slipping Down the Rankings? A Few Points to Consider

It’s a common nightmare none of us would like to face but sadly most will. All seems to be going as it should, you best efforts are being rewarded and then, all of a sudden you experience a drop in the rankings. No word from Google and no obvious problems with the site you run, … Read more

SEO Ranked Number One Small Business Investment for 2014

To be told you need SEO is a bit like being told to breathe in and out – obvious to the point of condescension. However, there are still thousands of businesses completely shunning the idea of optimising their websites having decided they really don’t need it to get by or labeled it an expense they … Read more

Major Magento SEO Mistakes – Simple Site Killers

If and when you eventually find yourself in a position whereby your Magento Ecommerce store has a loyal following of thousands, chances are you won’t need to worry too much about SEO. Take the likes of Coca Cola or Nike for example – you don’t have to tell anyone who they are or what they … Read more

Joomla Vs WordPress – A Clear Winner?

Content management systems these days are…well, let’s not say ten a penny, but there’s certainly a ton of them to choose from. Nevertheless, even with hundreds of very capable rivals it almost always comes down to a choice between WordPress and Joomla – the world’s two favourite open-source CMSs. But when all’s said and done, … Read more

Free Hosting – Generous or Irresponsible?

It seems that as usual the idea of free web hosting has pundits split right down the middle in terms of whether it’s a blessing or a curse. Over recent months there have been more and more calls for hosting companies to begin exercising more vigilance when it comes to handing out free hosting services, … Read more

WordPress for E-Commerce – Sure, Why Not?

When a newcomer to the world of online retail sets out to choose the best CMS for their needs, the vast majority immediately side with Magento. This is of course hardly surprising as recent years have seen Magento propelled right to the forefront of the e-commerce marketplace as the perfect tool for those starting out … Read more

The Art of Conversion – Content That Counts

There’s a very big difference between content that converts and content that doesn’t. Not to put too fine a point on it, the latter is about as much use to your site as empty shelves are to a standard store – it just won’t bring you anything beneficial and has no real place being there. … Read more