Magento Matters – Key Drivers of Web Traffic for 2015 and Beyond

Once again, 2014 proved to be a year wherein hundreds of thousands of e-commerce newcomers set out to build fame and fortune with Magento in-tow. And as is always the case with such things, about 99% of such individuals have already found the endeavour more difficult than expected or perhaps met with a rather disappointing … Read more

Important E-Commerce Optimisation Lessons Learned in 2014

The year’s end always represents an opportune moment to take stock of what’s been learned across the e-commerce landscape in order to ensure 2015’s marketing and promotional strategies are as viable and valuable as possible. Once again, hundreds of thousands of newly opened stores have put additional pressure on those already in business, forcing retailers … Read more

Three Key SEO Trends for 2015

To look at 2014’s most important and widespread SEO trends is to view a landscape that is almost unrecognisable from that of just two short years ago. The way things are accelerating as of late is quite incredible and foreboding to say the least, at least from a web marketing perspective. However, there are those … Read more

The Importance of Linking Online and Offline Marketing

Today’s online marketing revolution has to some extent left the medium of offline marketing somewhat in a dark, cold and forgotten shadow. Even in the case of those at the very top of the industry, it’s near universal to see the teams and individuals working on web marketing, social marketing and print marketing as if … Read more

Free Web Hosting Vs Professional – Five Key Differences

When you’re just starting out as a small business or find yourself in any way struggling to make ends meet, the idea of free web hosting is almost too tempting to resist. In fact it’s totally too much to resist for hundreds of thousands of businesses the world over who right now are running sites … Read more