Magento Extensions Your Ecommerce Site Needs

One of the best things about Magento is the way in which it’s a sort of out-of-the-box Ecommerce solution – as in everything you need to get set up and running comes as standard. However, one of the most prevalent problems with a CMS like this is the way in which there are far too … Read more

Can Your Hosting Package Affect Your SEO Performance?

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Online Commerce – Are All Ecommerce Websites in Real Danger?

There have been a lot of scare stories going around as of late that those in the e-commerce business are each and every day facing a less certain future. The reason being that the sheer volume of e-commerce ventures going live by the month is accelerating at such a pace that the whole concept has … Read more

The Simple Things That Can Transform Magento E-Commerce Sites

All over the web right now there are thousands of Magento e-commerce websites selling the same products for around the same prices – why therefore are some blistering success stories and others doomed to failure? Well, the simple answer is one of establishment and reputation as once you’ve earned a large and loyal fanbase that … Read more

Meta Tags 101 – The What and the Why

If only it was as simple as producing a website with plenty of decent content and watching the traffic roll in – it sadly isn’t. Instead, a website is a complex creature with several dimensions to take into account when it comes to bringing in both readers and those all-important crawlers. The thing to remember … Read more

Improve Your WordPress Blog With the Right Plugins

The fact that there are so many WordPress plugins available is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. You have a catalogue of no less than 30,000 to browse through and given the fact that they’re all somewhat ‘homemade’ and competing for the same attention, knowing which to side with can be … Read more

Preventing Negative SEO – Can I and Should I?

Generally speaking there have so far been two entirely different responses to negative SEO. Some have gone completely OTT with drastic protective measures as something of a knee-jerk reaction, while others haven’t even bothered to read into the subject and assume it’s just a hoax. Technically speaking there’s at least a degree of logic on … Read more

Tips for Earning Backlinks Naturally

Some say that the very best backlinks in the SEO game are those that you manage to place on sites of authority and relevance, thus boosting your prowess in the eyes of Google. They’re wrong – the very best types of links of all are those that fit all such criteria and are earned naturally, … Read more