Business Website Secrets – What the Gurus Rarely Share

Millions of people the world over spend their lives searching high and low for the secret to success online. Well here’s the bad news before going any further – the Holy Grail for small business success doesn’t exist…it never has and probably never will. The reason being that when it comes to making a small … Read more

The Five Cornerstones of Effective Business Website Design

There’s no such thing as a business website that finds success randomly…never has been and never will be. Instead, it’s a case of not only the vested efforts of the designer paying off, but also his or her in-depth knowledge of what it is that makes for a successful website. While it’s fair to say … Read more

Content Creation Vs Curation – Understanding the Difference

There are essentially only two ways of getting together the kind of content you need to make your website a success – creation and curation. These days, everyone knows the importance of killer content, not only for the sake of readers but also to make sure search engines take a liking to the site. The … Read more

From Clicks to Conversions – Maximising Site Conversion Rates

There’s really nothing better that taking a look at your site’s analytics and noting a wonderful week-long spike of traffic. That is of course, until you realise that not a single visitor made a purchase or stuck around for long enough to know what you’re all about and have to offer. The difference between site … Read more

The Most Common Web Design Mistakes Made by Small Business

For small businesses with limited capital to play with, a website can effectively be the business…at least in terms of determining its success or otherwise. With no shop floor, no specific office and no physical means of pulling in the punters, it’s a case of making sure your website covers all bases and gets noticed. … Read more

The Ten Commandments for Building Business Websites

Ask any sample group of web gurus what makes for a great business website and you’re guaranteed hundreds of different answers. Conflicting information all over the web makes it very difficult to know what to trust, but by doing away with wild theories and plucking out only what’s been tried and tested, it becomes easy … Read more

Responsive Web Design – Why it Matters, Why You Need it

It’s no secret that the mobile tech revolution is in full swing…the fact that you might be reading this on a mobile phone illustrates the point quite adequately. The growth in both smartphone and tablet PC markets over the last couple of years has been so fierce that PC manufacturers the world over have noted … Read more

Web 101 – What Makes a Great Business Home Page?

While it’s important to own and operate a website that’s both attractive and effective through and through, nothing matters more than the site’s primary home page. The reason being that this is the first page the vast majority of visitors will see and thus could well be their very first impression of you, your brand … Read more

2014’s SEO Revolution – How Not to Become Another Statistic

Any business or webmaster with more than a month or two of experience will by now be painfully aware of 2014’s SEO revolution. Search engine algorithm changes are nothing new of course, but what’s been unique this year so far is both the severity and frequency of the updates rolled out. This of course refers … Read more

Boosting Your Blog’s Reach and Appeal – Pure Gold for Business

Web design gurus have been banging on about the power and importance of blogs for years. However, it’s only as of late that folk have really started to take note. More people than ever before are making small fortunes with their personal blogs, highlighting just how powerful these seemingly simple tools can be in the … Read more