How to Avoid Bogus SEO Firms – Don’t be Fooled by False Promises

There isn’t an industry in the world that isn’t plagued by bogus firms trying to take unsuspecting victims for a ride. SEO is sadly no exception to the rule, which is why it’s so important to exercise caution when looking to outsource SEO to a third-party partner. The trouble is, the only reason a business … Read more

Blunderous Blogging – 2014’s Worst Rookie Errors to Date

Bloggers at all levels always have and always will make rookie errors – all of which are important for the rest of the blogging community to learn from. Some are silly mistakes that never should have happened and others are more sneaky in the way they come around to bit you in the rear end. … Read more

Amazon-Hosted Malware Up Three-Fold This Year Alone

Amazon has found itself propelled right into the media spotlight this week for all the wrong reasons, having been declared one of the world’s worst offenders for hosting malware. In fact, since the beginning of 2014 alone, the amount of malware hosted by Amazon has increased three times over. That’s according to the latest Quarterly … Read more

Business Hosting Packages – The Most Crucial Considerations

Here’s a question – would you try and build a huge apartment block on a plot of land more suited to a single trailer home? Of course you wouldn’t, which is precisely why you should never try to build a business on top of a web hosting package that’s hardly even powerful enough to support … Read more

Ask Yourself: Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Dying?

Content marketing – two words that by now you’re probably as sick of hearing about as you are dependent on. You’ve heard the advice of the industry’s best, you’ve accepted it’s of crucial importance and you’ve made the decision to make content marketing work for you – bravo indeed! However, none of the above in … Read more

Optimising Ecommerce Pages for Search Engines and Readers

Without the luxury of physical shelves and display products, your product pages will effectively make or break your e-commerce business as a whole. The trouble is, getting by these days means striking that infinitely precarious balance between appealing to the search engines to get noticed in the first place and at the same time taking … Read more

Building Your First Ever Website? A Few Hosting Considerations

It’s as exciting as it is from time to time nerve-wracking – setting up and launching your own website is a bit like watching your own baby walk for the first time…sort of. The thing is though, where so many newbies end up selling themselves short is by failing to give sufficient thought to the … Read more

Hosting Costs – Spending Less by Thinking More

There’s nothing worse than getting your site up and running, only to find that in order to keep it up and running you need to buy a load of accessories and add-ons from your hosting company. The trouble is that when and where anyone rushes into a decision, they leave themselves wide open to the … Read more

The Six Worst Domain Names Ever Put to Use

It sounds like probably the easiest job of all for a business and a website – pick a domain name that’s catchy, easy to remember and looks good on the screen. Of course things are never as simple as they look and when it comes to getting a domain name right, it never fails to … Read more

Matt Cutts Dispels More SEO Myths – Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

When Matt Cutts talks, any self-respecting SEO professional listens and listens hard! Once again, the online community has been blessed with a few choice words from Google’s Mr. SEO himself, who this time around has turned his attention to a selection of on-going SEO rumours. He’s not often this candid when it comes to laying … Read more