Beating Blog Writer’s Block – Seeking Inspiration…and Fast!

So you’ve got your website together, chosen the perfect hosting package and begun looking forward to a bright and successful future. That’s until you find yourself facing one of the most common, annoying and downright debilitating afflictions a website owner can be struck down with…writer’s block. Now, admittedly it’s a different kind of writer’s block … Read more

One Size Fits All? With Web Hosting, Not Even Close!

Take a look at some of the web hosting biggies doing business today and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the one-size-fits-all business model was alive and well. Alive it may be, but when it comes to securing a hosting package that’s actually beneficial for any given business, it can be nothing short of fatal.   … Read more

Green Web Hosting – What Is It and Why Does it Matter?

These days, more people than ever before are fully reliant on the Internet to make a living. The sheer number of website springing up by the day is impossible to put a figure to, though suffice to say the world’s hosting services are being pushed to their very limits like never before.    Demand for powerful … Read more

Five Tips for Making Social Media Posts More Effective

Social media makes up a huge part of your business’ web marketing strategy…or at least it should do by this stage in time! The power of social media hasn’t been much of a secret for years and it’s becoming more and more obvious by the day just how much potential it holds for the canny … Read more

Web Hosting 101: The Fundamentals for Newbies

Web hosting – we’ve all heard of it, we all know what it is and we know how important it is. That being said, the matter of truly understanding web hosting is a different one entirely – most prematurely conclude it’s a super technical and complicated subject and summarily never give it a second thought. … Read more

What Solid Hosting Means in 2014

Web hosting services have come a long way in recent years and the kinds of optional extras that once cost a fortune are now being offered for next to nothing – free of charge in some cases. It’s now perfectly possible for any first-time amateur to try their hand at building and running their own … Read more

Questions to Ask a Prospective Web Hosting Provider

Of the millions of perils and hardships the modern business can face, there are few that come close to that of a dodgy website hosting provider. The very nature of a website is such that when things go wrong, they do so in a very big way. Downtime can do irreparable damage to a brand’s … Read more

Five Signs Your Hosting Service is Letting You Down

The thing about web hosting providers is the way in which you can’t really tell if they’re letting you down until something potentially detrimental has crept into the equation. Or to put it another way, by the time you realise something is up, chances are at least some damage will have been done.  Of course, … Read more

Five Big Blunders to Avoid When Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Like most things in life and ALL things in the business world, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about choosing a web hosting service. Get it right and you’re problem-free for years – get it wrong and you’re heading for a bigger pile of unpleasantness than you could possibly realise.  Of course, … Read more

Cheap Hosting Vs Great Value Hosting – The Key Differences

Finding cheap or even free web hosting these days is easy – simply hammer the term into Google and you’ll be presented with more results that you’d be able to read in two lifetimes. Cheap hosting used to be something of a myth – cheap hosting that was actually worth having, that is. These days … Read more